Resources to help students improve their study skills

September 13, 2016

Do your students struggle with college-level reading assignments? Do you suspect they do not take effective notes during class? Have difficulty managing their time to complete assignments and meet deadlines?

The Student Academic Center at Indiana University has an excellence set of tutorials for students.

Recent episodes include the following:

Strategies for preparing to tests (Episode 1)

Time management for work and study (Episode 2)

Taking notes in class (Episode 3)

College reading (Episode 11)

 The College Reading in 5 Episode describes five strategies for effective college reading and includes exercises so students can practice these skills. For example, one exercise entails taking notes on a sample textbook reading on the Indiana University website. Students then compare the notes they took with samples of effective notes taken on the same reading. Did they make notes of irrelevant details? Are their notes detailed enough? Did they miss an important concept? When students compare their notes to the examples, they can discover how to take more effective notes, identify key concepts, and paraphrase them correctly.


Indiana University Student Academic Center blog:

Indiana University Student Academic Center. Episode 11: College Reading in 5


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