William L. Mikulas, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology


Conjunctive Psychology

These two courses are open to seniors and graduate students, and others with permission. In addition to Psychology majors, these courses are designed for other majors and people in the community. Conjunctive courses are offered once every two years, alternating with Buddhist Psychology.  They are also usually co-listed as a single 4000-level honors course.


Lecture/Discussion Course

A practical and integrated overview of the fundamental dynamics of human behavior and consciousness, drawing from all the world's psychologies, health systems, and wisdom traditions, emphasizing contributions not well known in Western Psychology. Topics include breathwork, nutrition, ayurveda, pranayama, chi kung, chakras, yoga, behaviors of the mind, states and levels of consciousness, self and will, and transpersonal awakening. Lecture/discussion class with grading based on choice of two papers or a negotiated alternative.

For more about the course, see the course text, the Integrative Helper, in the library and elsewhere.


Lab Course

Practical experience and skill training that parallel topics of the lecture course. Grading is based on attendance and participation. Prerequisite is Conjunctive Psychology taken concurrently. The text for the lab is the instructor's "Taming the Drunken Monkey".


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