By William B. Lees

Papers are in Adobe .pdf format and will require Adobe reader.


Memory in Stone and Bronze: Civil War Monuments in Florida.
2011, Florida Historical Society, Jacksonville

"As Happy and Contented with their Vocation:" 
Shame and Pride Surrounding the Industrial Slaves of the Arcadia Cotton Mill (with Monica L. Beck)
2009, Society for Historical Archaeology, Toronto.

Results of a Pilot Study using Portable X-Ray Flourescence Spectrometry (pXRF) to Detect Certain Elements on the Surface of the Natural Bridge Battlefield (8LE188), Leon County, Florida.
2009, Florida Division of Historical Resources, Bureau of Archaeological Research, Archaeological Research Permit #0910.004

Pierced Coins: Insights From eBay (with Monica L. Beck)
2007, Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Knoxville.

Confronting the Stereotype: A Proper Context for the Study of the Civil War in the West.
2004, Society for Historical Archaeology, St. Louis.

Oklahoma’s Civil War Monuments and Memorial Landscapes,

Earthworks and Arrowheads: Fort Blunt and Its Defense in July 1863
2002, Society for Historical Archaeology, Mobile.
The Impact of the River Basin Surveys Program in Historical Archaeology
2001, Society for American Archaeology, New Orleans.

The Impact of Metal Detectors: Preservation Lessons from the Battlefield,
1996, Society for Historical Archaeology, Cincinnati.

Ceramic Choices West of the Mississippi: Considering Factors of Supply and Ethnicity (with Teresita Majewski),
1993, Society for Historical Archaeology, Kansas City.

Theory and the Future of Historical Archaeology on the Great Plains,
1992, 50th Plains Conference, Lincoln.

The Relationship Between Proto-Wichita Sites in Rice and McPherson Counties,
1992, Plains Conference, Lincoln.

Evidence for Early European Contact with the Wichita in Kansas, 
1990, Society for Historical Archaeology, Tucson.

Archaeological Evidence for European Contact with the Wichita in Kansas and Oklahoma ,
1990, Plains Conference, Oklahoma City

Remarks made at the Annual Memorial Service, Honey Springs Civil War Battlefield, Oklahoma:
1995 Remarks
2001 Remarks

2002 Remarks