Wade H. Jeffrey

Current and Recent Research Projects

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  Glacial "hitchhiking:" A mechanism for bacterial speciation in an extremely cold environment.  UV effects on marine production by bacteria and phytoplankton: Assessing the impact of UVB
  Latitudinal effects of ultraviolet radiation on marine microbial communities and molecular diversity of genes important in biogeochemical cycles  Ultraviolet radiation induced DNA damage in bacterioplankton in the southern ocean. II. Photochemical & trophic interactions and seasonal patterns of UV response.
  Investigation of molecular diversity of important functional genes in marine bacteria  Ultraviolet radiation induced DNA damage in coral reef microbial communities
 Science Training in Ecology Program  Oceanographic Techniques
 Interactive Effects of UV and Vertical Mixing on Phytoplankton and Bacterial Productivity of Ross Sea Phaeocystis Blooms.  Interactive Effects of UV Radiation and Temperature on Pelagic Foodwebs


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