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Department / Organization Name Phone Number
SACS State Director's Office (email only) 850-474-2801
Safety, Campus 850-474-2415
Sailing Club 850-474-2586
Scholarly & Creative Activities Committee (SCAC) 850-857-6378
Scholarships 850-474-2400
School of Allied Health and Life Sciences 850-473-7226
School of Allied Health and Life Sciences 850-474-2650
School of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts 850-474-2874
School of Science and Engineering 850-857-6168
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) 850-474-3000
Scuba Club 850-474-2586
Senior Center for Lifelong Learning 850-863-6583
Sigma Alpha Mu 850-474-2406
Small Business Development Center of UWF 850-595-0063
Social Work 850-474-2381
Socratic Society 850-474-2672
Special Collections (see University Archives and West Florida History Center) 850-474-2213
Speech and Debate Team 850-474-3365
Sponsored Research Advisory Committee (SRAC) 850-857-6378
Sports 850-474-2981
Sports Clubs 850-474-2521
Staff Senate 850-474-3188
Standing Committees, University 850-474-2000
Statistical Consulting 850-474-2790
Student Academic Support System (SASS) 850-474-2024
Student Accounts/Financial Aid Disbursements 850-474-3037
Student Activities 850-474-2406
Student Affairs 850-474-2000
Student Disability Resource Center 850-474-2387
Student Financial Aid 850-474-2400
Student Government Association (SGA) 850-474-2393
Student Groups and Organizations 850-474-2406
Student Handbook 850-474-2000
Student Homepages on Castaway (See Student Web Server) 850-474-2000
Student Homepages on Hermitcrab (See Student Web Server) 850-474-2000
Student Life 850-474-2406
Student Newspaper (Voyager) 850-474-2191
Student Printing 850-474-3325
Student Services (See Student Affairs) 850-474-2000
Student Social Work Organization 850-473-7466
Student Success Programs 850-474-3266
Student Support Services Program 850-474-3212
Summer Online Courses
Summer Sports Camps 850-474-3003

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