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Department / Organization Name Phone Number
Economics and Marketing 850-474-2651
Educational/Public Access TV 850-474-2514
eLearning 850-474-2075
Electrical and Computer Engineering 850-474-2963
Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Institute of (IEEE) 850-474-2963
Electrical Engineering Technology 850-474-2705
Emerald Coast 850-863-6566
Emerald Coast BEST Robotics 850-474-3407
Emergency (Fire/Police/Medical) 850-474-2911
Employee Organizations
Employment, Career Opportunity Line 850-474-2842
Employment, Student 850-474-2608
Engineering and Computer Technology, Department of 850-474-2484
Engineering Services on Campus (See POM&E) 850-474-2901
Engineering, Department of 850-474-2943
English and Foreign Languages 850-474-2923
Enrollment Management 850-474-3386
Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation (CEDB) 850-474-2060
Environmental Health & Safety 850-474-2177
Environmental Studies 850-474-2746
Environmental Sustainability 850-857-6001
Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office 850-474-2205
Excellence, Making Way for
Experts Guide 850-474-2658

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