Agricultural runoff may have substantial nutrient loading impact on local water segments as well as rivers, bayous, and bays within the affected watershed. To promote agricultural best management practices (BMPs) that address environmental impacts of runoff to surface and ground water, this work integrates scientific validation of selected agricultural BMPs with education and extension activities to deliver: (1) Evaluation of the effect of BMPs on water quality for runoff from a row cropping/pasture site, a silvicultural watershed, and for an aquaculture discharge site; (2) The characterization of land use and nutrient loads in drainages of the Escambia River, Florida, which is affected by the study sites to wich BMPs are being applied; (3) Education of secondary school teachres in the water quality of agricultural runoff; the effect of agricultural BMPs, and environmental water-quality monitoring; and (4) Extension activities to make use of the generated data on BMP efficacy and public education on water quality issues as affected by agricultural runoff.
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