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Academic advising is critical to your academic success. Your academic advisor assists you with course selection and degree planning, understanding your major's curriculum and referrals to campus resources.



The Usha Kundu, M.D. College of Health Advising provides high quality individual advising to all students within the College to progress to degree in the most efficient and effective manner that fits the student's needs and goals.


      • To participate and contribute to a positive team environment that welcomes open communication, exchange of ideas, and encouragement of constant development as a team and as an individual professional.
      • To provide accurate and helpful information to every student who seeks the UKCOH Advisors as a resource.
      • To provide academic advising on an individual basis for all students that contributes to degree attainment.
      • To provide the University with the information, data, and feedback needed to continue to support UWF students.
      • To contribute to the advising profession by piloting new ideas, programs, and policies that are within the interest of furthering student success and retention
      • To include the College and Campus community in processes, policies, and programming that are related to student success and retention.

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There are different reasons for contacting either Advisors or Faculty regarding students' progress to degree and educational planning, please review the list to see who is best to contact regarding a specific situation.