Graduate student running study with student participant

Welcome to the Department of Psychology Undergraduate Program. Our undergraduate major is one of the most popular majors at UWF with more than 500 students.

Through the study of psychology, students learn to evaluate and understand behavior and experience, and to apply their knowledge in a variety of settings. The Bachelor of Arts program gives an overview of the discipline, provides opportunity to apply the knowledge gained, develops research skills within the discipline, and builds a foundation for graduate study should the students so choose. Within the program, students have many opportunities to pursue those aspects of psychology they find most interesting. Our students receive an overview of the biological, cultural, and social aspects of behavior; learning, and behavior changes; and typical patterns of development and adjustment.

To learn more about the major requirements and to see an overview of the courses offered, click here. Course descriptions and a preview of the student learning outcomes for each class can be found here.

Develop skills in:

  • Recognition and application of discipline specific concepts
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Communication and interpersonal interaction
  • Professional integrity
  • Design and implementation of psychological research

Hands On Experience

Students are given the opportunity to gain "hands on" experience in laboratory courses designed to teach the scientific basis of the field. Our Research link provides an overview of how to conduct an experiment, how to sign up for Independent Directed Study, as well as provides specific information on the various active labs within the program.