Psychology M.A. Concentrations

The Master's program in Psychology is designed to provide a thorough foundation in psychological theories and research, as well as opportunities for applied work. To provide our graduate students with the opportunity to pursue an education that aligns with their interests and future goals, our M.A. program has three concentrations: Applied Experimental, Counseling, and Industrial-Organizational. All three concentrations require courses from core areas, but each has its' own course sequence emphasizing the concentration area.

Still a bit unsure which area is the right fit for you? You can view more about each concentration area below and click on the links for specific information about required courses, hour requirements, and capstone experiences.

Applied Experimental

The Applied Experimental Concentration is designed for those students who wish to do graduate work with a focus on research and its application in areas of psychology.Graduates from the Applied Experimental Concentration are expected to matriculate into doctoral programs at major universities or find employment in community college teaching, research centers, public agencies, or industry.

Applied Experimental Concentration


The Counseling Psychology Concentration is designed for individuals seeking to pursue a variety of careers in the mental health and human services professions. Many of our graduates later complete requirements for state licensure, and pursue private clinical practice in Florida or other states. Some students have successfully utilized their degree as a foundation to pursue doctoral education in clinical or counseling psychology (Ph.D. / Psy.D.), or related fields.

Counseling Concentration


The Industrial-Organizational Concentration follows the principles of the scientist-practitioner model and emphasizes a thorough understanding of human behavior. Gaining experience in both research and applied skills, as well as knowledge of human behavior, helps separate our graduate degree in I-O Psychology from other fields and degrees (e.g., MBA).

Industrial-Organizational Concentration