University of West Florida Board of Trustees
Main Campus
Building 12/Alumni Room

Trustee Collier Merrill called the conference call meeting of the University of West Florida Board of Trustees to order on May 16, 2003 at 8:31 a.m.

Trustees present were:
K C Clark
Lornetta Epps
Marny Gilluly
Sharon Hess Herrick
Chuck Horner
Collier Merrill
Klaus Meyer-Arendt
Eddie Phillips
Erin Sandonato
Roy Smith

Others attending:
President Cavanaugh
Dr. Parks Dimsdale
Dr. Deborah Ford
Dr. Cornelius Wooten
Dr. Hal White

Chair J. Collier Merrill's Greetings
Chair Merrill announced that trustees Bell, Bowden and Morgan were unable to attend due to conflicting schedules. He welcomed Erin Sandonato, SGA president as the newest member of the BOT and appointed her to the Academic & Student Affairs Committee.

Chair Merrill, in reference to the Presidential evaluation, conveyed to the BOT's policy on evaluating the performance of the president calls for the three trustees on the Executive Committee to develop a "detailed recommendation for the Board to consider at the meeting preceding the anniversary of the president's appointment." He asked that trustees Bowden and Smith join the Executive Committee in preparing the recommendations and there will be two meetings on May 29 at 3:00 p.m. and June 12 at 1:00 p.m. before the next board meeting.

Chair Merrill reminded trustees that the afternoon of June 19 is the next BOT meeting and it will be at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. Then on Friday, June 20, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., the BOT will hold a joint strategic planning meeting at the Beachside Resort and Conference Center on Pensacola Beach for the Foundation Board of trustees, the Research Board and the Executive Committee of the National Alumni Association will join this meeting. Agendas have been distributed and briefing books will be mailed for review prior to meeting.

In reference to the agenda, action item 8 has been pulled from today's meeting and will be brought to the Finance, Administration and Audit Committee when it meets on June 19 and presented to the whole BOT.

President Cavanaugh's Greetings

· Dr. Cavanaugh addressed the meeting by saying that all spring sports are ranked in the top 20 nationally in Division II, with men's tennis and golf ranked number 1.
In reference to the Pensacola Pelicans designating UWF's baseball complex as their home stadium beginning June 5, Dr. Cavanaugh conveyed that the organization donated $500,00 to improve the facilities, a tremendous benefit to our athletes and their fans.
The new four-year nursing program will join the Division of Life & Health Sciences which was created in the summer of 2002 under the leadership of Dr. George Stewart. In addition, an Advisory Committee comprised of 20 members from the regional health care community helps the division identify educational initiatives that are needed to address regional employment needs in health care. That committee resulted in creating a Center for Health Care Ethics which will focus on important ethical questions surrounding such issues as stem-cell research and death and dying. First there will be a certificate on health care ethics and interest indicates 50 people have signed up for fall courses.
The senior leadership team is almost in place through selecting individuals willing to embrace change for improvement of the university.
Dr. Neal Smastresk, chair of Biology and dean of Science at UT-A and Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque, provost and associate VP for Academic Affairs at the University of North Texas.
Dean Van Galen, VP for Development and Dr. Jane Halonen (College of Arts and Sciences) will join the university and begin their duties this summer.

Student recognitions were addressed by Dr. Deborah Ford, VP for Academic Affairs with the following information.

Economics major Benjamin Schultz's paper, "The Socioeconomic Conditions of the US-Mexico Border Region: A Study of Juarez and El Paso", which began as a term paper, received second place recognition for Best Undergraduate Student Paper at the Academy of Economics and Finance annual conference held in February 2003.

Matthew Fiebig, Economic Policy Minor, received the top fellowship awarded to incoming Master's students at The Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University. - 2003

Katie Fitchett is the Biology Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year, 2003.

Douglas Troy Durant has been accepted into graduate school at the University of Oklahoma with a Teaching Assistantship, full tuition waiver, plus an additional $2,000 fellowship per academic year.

Heather Ann Hanson has been accepted into graduate school at the University of Kentucky with a 12 month/$18,000 fellowship and full tuition scholarship.

Aaron T. Wade has been accepted into graduate school at Florida State University with a $17,000 per year Teaching Assistantship.

UWF winners at the 17th annual Southeast Journalism Conference held at UWF February 20-22, 2003, included: Matt Browning, Jessica Miller, Carolyn Piatt, first place in advertising; Letisha Lawhern, first place in media history; Charmere Gatson, first place in résumé writing and second in news reporting; Aaron Smoly, Catherine Goldsberry, Carmen Reynolds, second place in media ethics; Carmen Reynolds, fourth place in feature writing; Rebekah Herman, ninth place in editorial writing.


UWF Women's Tennis placed four members on the All Gulf South Conference First Team. Sabine Krawietz was named to the team for the third consecutive year.
The Argonauts were the Gulf South Conference Runners-Up this season. They are currently 20-6 overall and rank #6 in the NCAA Division II.

In Men's Tennis, Radovan Chrz, a junior, is the East Division Player of the Year for the second time in three years. Chrz is a three time First Team selection. Guillaume Deverbizier was noted as Co-Freshman of the Year. Head coach Derrick Racine earned his second consecutive GSC Coach of the Year, third overall, by winning the Conference Title. UWF finished the season ranked #1 in the NCAA Division II. Senior Fernando Damus and sophomore Paulius Jurkenas were also named to the All - GSC First Team.

Student Organizations
CLOVE (Center for Learning through Organized Volunteer Efforts) - 1,452 students gave 14,811 hours of service to the community for Spring 2003 semester.

Up 'til Dawn raised over $3,000 for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity was the 2002-2003 Grand Champion for Volunteer Service completing 1,324 volunteer hours.

UWF Advertising Club, Hot Shop, earned 2nd place at the Fourth District American Advertising Federal competition held April 12, 2003.

The UWF Chapter of Best Buddies received the Flying Colors Award from their national organization in recognition of their improvement in membership, stability, and quality.

The UWF Honors Council received recognition as "Best Honors Council" in Florida Leader magazine's 14th Annual "Best of Florida Schools" awards issue in Spring 2003. Members of the council promote more than just academics by volunteering their time in community improvement efforts.

Spring 2003 - UWF students took awards in Best Student Poster, Poster Honorable Mention, and Best Student Presentation at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Florida Chapter of the American Fisheries Society.

Joe Rieland was awarded the Hal Crosby Leadership Award for 2003. The award recognizes student leadership and service to UWF.

2003 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges award recipients are: Marijana Bosnjakovic, Melissa Chapman, Tina Cruz, Heidi Hebert, Tammy Hohimer, Miguel Lalama, Derrik J. Lang, Justin Parafinczuk, Ashleigh Pipes, Erin Rausch, Katja Rodgers, and Eurilynne Williams.

Kelly Barrett and Radovan Chrz were awarded the 2003 Outstanding Scholar Athletes Award.

Tammy Hohimer was awarded the 2003 President's Leadership in Diversity Award and also received recognition as an honorable mention winner for the 2003 Florida College Student of the Year Award.

Approval of minutes for February 21 and April 1, 2003.
Motion Phillips
Seconded Hess Herrick
It carried unanimously.

Action items
1) Board of Trustees Tenure Approval Procedure
With the devolution of authority to the Board of Trustees, tenure nominations no longer must be sent for approval to a state board in Tallahassee. Instead, the final authority rests with the local boards of trustees.
Motion Clark
Seconded Smith
It carried unanimously.

2) Approve tenure nominations for seven assistant professors and two associate professors nominated for tenure. Everyone eligible this year has fulfilled all necessary requirements and was approved by the appropriate departments, colleges, a university council, the provost and the president.

Motion Clark
Seconded Gilluly
It carried unanimously.

3) Approve tenure as conditions of employment for Drs. Jane Halonen and Dean Van Galen.
Motion Smith
Seconded Hess Herrick
It carried unanimously.

4) Designate authority to president or designee to settle lawsuits and will set parameters at the June 19 meeting.
Motion Phillips
Seconded Gilluly
It carried unanimously.

5) Delegate authority to president to make changes in rules in response to Joint Administrative Procedures Committee concerns
Motion Clark
Seconded Epps
It carried unanimously.

6) Approve Resolution for Trustee Joe Rieland for service while serving on the BOT as the SGA representative.

University of West Florida Board of Trustees
Resolution recognizing Trustee Joe Rieland

WHEREAS, Mr. Joe Rieland became a member of the University of West Florida Board of Trustees in January, 2003 with just a few days notice after learning he had unexpectedly become the new Student Government president, and

WHEREAS, Mr. Rieland immersed himself in the Board activities, taking the initiative to quickly learn about the duties and responsibilities of the Board in a short timeframe, and,

WHEREAS, Mr. Rieland provided dedicated service to the University as a member of the Board of Trustees, including representing the University well during his visit with other trustees to Tallahassee to meet with government officials, and

WHEREAS, Mr. Rieland used his position as trustee to encourage discussion and interest in the issues affecting University of West Florida students, and

WHEREAS, Mr. Rieland served with distinction on the Academic and Student Affairs Committee, now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the University of West Florida Board of Trustees, meeting via conference call at the University of West Florida on this 16th day of May, 2003, does hereby commend Mr. Rieland for his contributions to the University of West Florida, and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be included in the minutes of this meeting and a copy be presented to Mr. Rieland as a token of the Board's appreciation and thanks.

J. Collier Merrill
Chair, University of West Florida Board of Trustees

Motion Hess Herrick
Seconded Smith
It carried unanimously.

7) Approval of Japan House naming.
Several generous donors have contributed to the Japan House and Garden, which is part of UWF's International Complex. That complex will have two buildings, one the Japan House and the other an International House that will have classrooms and offices. The entire complex has 14,000 square feet, with 1,800 square feet in the one-story Japan House.

Kunihiko Ukifune of Jikei donated $92,592.59 to the project. The town of Hagiwara, whose mayor is Masaharu Kurachi, donated $37,523.45. The potential naming of the rooms was discussed by President John Cavanaugh and former President Morris Marx during an April visit to Japan. The UWF Honorary Awards and Recognition Committee also approved the naming of the rooms.

To honor the donors, the following names of rooms are proposed and agreed to by the donors:
§ Hagiwara no Ma, which means Hagiwara room, for the tatami room in honor of Hagiwara.
§ Ukifune An, which mean Ukifune tea room, for the tea room in honor of Ukifune.

Both gifts meet the guidelines for naming opportunities as outlined in the President's Memorandum of February 10, 1995.

Motion Gilluly
Seconded Phillips
It carried unanimously.

8) ERP financial plan - Item removed from agenda until next meeting.

Discussion items
1) Legal update by General Counsel Gina DeIulio.
2) Legislative update by Janice Perkins Gilley, Director of Government Relations.

Other business

Adjournment occurred at 9:19 a.m.