UWF Board of Trustees
Conference call Alumni Room
January 6, 2003

Chair Collier Merrill called the meeting of the University Of West Florida Board Of Trustees to order at 8:33 a.m.

Trustees present were:

Honor Bell
Pam Bilbrey
Travis Bowden
K.C. Clark
Lornetta Epps
Charles Horner (joined call late)
Collier Merrill
JoAnn Morgan
Eddie Phillips
Joe Rieland
Roy Smith

Others attending:
President John Cavanaugh
Betsy Bowers
Pam Langham
Keith Goldschmidt
Faye Bowers
Dr. Cornelius Wooten
Dr. Linda Dye
Dr. Parks Dimsdale
Gina DeIulio
Dr. Pete Metarko

Chair's Greetings

Chair Merrill reminded trustees that the February 21st Meeting will be in Fort Walton Beach.

With the Board being reconstituted, Trustee Pam Bilbrey has been appointed to the Board of Governors. In addition, Carol Dover has resigned. Joe Rieland, former VP of SGA, will replace Trustee Jason Crawford who has been called up to active duty.

Chair Merrill, also, noted that Governor Bush will announce six appointments today while the Board of Governors will make public its five appointments on Tuesday, January 7, 2003. Automatic members are the president of the Faculty Senate Dr. Klaus Meyer-Arendt and the SGA President.

Chair Merrill advised the UWF BOT that a new chair and co-chair be elected at the Fort Walton Beach Meeting.

In reference to the BOT committee structure and organization, anyone having specific interests other than current committee assignment, should inform Keith Goldschmidt.
Also, Chair Merrill introduced Faye Bowers, senior executive secretary for the Board.

President's Greetings

President John Cavanaugh applauded the Holiday Party's success where more than 1,200 attended. Dr. Cavanaugh participated in the Conference Call from Disney College where he is on the National Advisory Board.

Introductions by President Cavanaugh included Senior Vice President Hal White and University Council Gina Delulio, who began work on January 2, 2003. He also informed the Board that Vice President for Student Affairs Debbie Ford will start at UWF on February 1, 2003. An announcement for the search of Provost is anticipated later in the month.

Approval of Minutes from November 22nd, 2002 Meeting
Motion by Trustee Epps
Seconded by Trustee Phillips
Carried unanimously.

Action Agenda Item 1 -

Approve the promulgation of an emergency rule to establish tuition rates, fees, fines and penalties.
Florida Statutes section 120.54(3)(a) requires that the agency head approve the adoption, amendment or repeal of any rules prior to the agency giving notice of the intended action.

Changes proposed by University Counsel Delulio for Emergency Rule: 6C6-ER03-01 "Spring and Summer Tuition Rates, Fees, Fines and Penalties" are as follows:
Mandatory Fees
Non-resident Undergraduate $15.29
(addition) per student credit hour
Non-resident Graduate $26.06
(addition) per student credit hour
Optional Fees
Parking Permits (addition) Students
Fines and Penalties
Traffic (Incorporate UWF Parking Brochure to support "varies")
Motion by Trustee Clark
Seconded by Trustee Epps
Carried unanimously.

Action Agenda Item 2 -

Adopt new purchasing rules. The initial approval of purchase rules to be promulgated through the regular rulemaking process.
Proposed rules are to create new rules to reflect the Board of Trustees' authority in establishing UWF's Purchasing Program. DeIulio recommended the following changes to the proposed rules.
1. Divide the rule into several rules in discreet sections.
2. Revise the effective date throughout to read" Effective date___ "as the effective date is currently unknown because the rule will be effective 20 days after the day of filing with the Bureau of Administrative Code.
3. Revise part C.2.g. by replacing the word "Authorize' with the word "Authorizing", and revise part C.2.h. by beginning the sentence with "Ensuring that items…".
4. Revise part D.5. so that the second sentence reads, "Any person who is adversely affected by the University's decision or intended decision may file a written notice of protest with the Director of Purchasing, provided such is done in accordance with Florida law." Also, delete part D.6. and renumber the remaining items.
5. Revise part E.5.p to read "Commodities or services provided by not-for-profit, direct support and affiliate organizations of the University.

Motion by Trustee Epps
Seconded by Trustee Smith
Carried unanimously.

Agenda Action Item 3 -

Authorize the university's counsel to sign certifications that must be filed with rules being added, amended or repealed by the Board of Trustees.
Motion by Trustee Clark
Seconded by Trustee Bell
Carried unanimously.

Agenda Action Item 4 -

Authorize the university president or university vice president, who is responsible for the area governed by the specific rule, to conduct hearings related to rulemaking, as necessary under the Administrative Procedures Act.
Motion by Trustee Phillips
Seconded by Trustee Bell
Carried unanimously.

Agenda Action Item 5 -

Approve UWF Transition Plan from SAMAS/FLAIR.
Motion by Trustee Phillips
Seconded by Trustee Bell
Carried unanimously.

Agenda Action Item 6 -

Authorize Executive Committee to respond on behalf of UWF Board of Trustees regarding union activity and possible union election.
Motion by Trustee Smith
Seconded by Trustee Clark
Carried unanimously.

Other business
Trustee JoAnn Morgan requested the mailing address of Jason Crawford who is on active duty assignment. She encouraged all trustees to offer support, via mail, throughout his service.

Adjourned at 9:09 am

Respectfully submitted,
Faye H. Bowers
Sr. Executive Secretary