UWF Board of Trustees
Finance, Administration and Audit Committee
November 22, 2002
UWF Conference Center

Committee Chair K.C. Clark called the meeting to order at 8:19 a.m. Trustees present were Clark, Sharon Hess Herrick and Lornetta Epps.


Trustee Epps moved and Trustee Hess Herrick second adoption of the minutes from the August 22, 2002 meeting. It passed unanimously.

Action item 1 - Master Plan

Don Carlos and Mike Werner from STOA/Graves and Law, the firm contracted for the Campus Master Plan, provided a summary of activities since the initial plan was adopted in January. A public hearing was held that garnered few comments., which were incorporated into the revised plan. Local government agencies and the Division of Colleges and Universities also reviewed the plan. Their comments also were incorporated into the plan. Few changes, all minor, were made since the committee last saw the plan. While the state mandates an update every five years, this update was far more extensive because of the addition of about 600 acres to the campus, which brought a new vision and direction for the university.

Trustee Hess-Herrick moved and Trustee Epps seconded approval of the plan. It passed unanimously.

Action item 3 - Resolution to bond for major gifts

Trustee Clark explained that gifts of more than $100,000 are eligible for a match from the state, but there is a backlog of about $152 million. The resolution encourages the Legislature to issue bonds to match the gifts.

Trustee Epps moved and Trustee Hess Herrick seconded adoption of the resolution. It passed unanimously.

Resolution 2002 - 8

University of West Florida Board of Trustees

Resolution encouraging the Florida Legislature to issue bonds to pay for the backlog in the Major Gifts Trust Fund

WHEREAS, the Florida Legislature has created the Major Gifts Trust Fund, which matches private donations to universities with state dollars, and

WHEREAS, the highly popular program has not been fully funded by the Florida Legislature, resulting in a backlog of about $152 million, and

WHEREAS, prospective donors are discouraged by this lack of funding, now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the University of West Florida Board of Trustee, meeting in the University Conference Center on this 22nd day of November, 2002, does hereby encourage the Florida Legislature to fully fund the backlog, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the University of West Florida Board of Trustees encourages the Florida Legislature to issue 20-year bonds to fully fund the backlog, using proceeds from the Florida Lottery to pay the annual carrying costs of about $8 million, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the University of West Florida Board of Trustees encourages the Legislature to change the Major Gifts program by establishing a $3 million cap of state dollars to match a single gift in any one year, establishing a $15 million cap ($3 million for five years) on any single gift, and requiring that matched gifts must be used for university priorities only, as established by individual university boards of trustees, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be included in the minutes of this meeting.

_________________________ November 22, 2002
J. Collier Merrill Date
Chair, University of West Florida Board of Trustees

End of resolution

Action item 4 - Transportation fee

Pat Crawford, assistant vice president for Marketing Communications, explained that four trolleys will be available for use on the campus. The trolleys are an alternative solution to the parking problem because they will go right to the classroom buildings. They should alleviate some traffic problems. The students on the committee recommending the transportation fee crafted a better proposal than what was proposed because they felts that the fee per-credit-hour was more equitable. A student survey showed that 68 percent of students said they would use the trolleys and 77 percent believed the fee was reasonable. A grant covering 50 percent of the cost is available for three years, though the university would have to commit to operate for a fourth year to obtain the third-year grant. The increase in the decal fee for faculty and staff was proposed so that everyone supports the trolley.

Trustee Hess Herrick moved adoption of the proposed fee and Trustee Epps seconded. It passed unanimously.

Action item 5 - President's salary

Chair Clark said that FAU is offering up to a $500,000 annual salary for the president they are seeking and questioned whether UWF is remaining competitive.

Trustee Hess Herrick moved and Trustee Epps seconded increasing the president's salary by 2.5 percent. It passed unanimously

Agenda item 6 - Update on plans for new finance and human resources systems.

Dr. Cornelius Wooten, vice president for Administrative Affairs, said that UWF is required to move off the state systems. A full recommendation and a financial plan will be presented at the next Board of Trustees meeting. None of the universities in Florida are receiving any state funding for the project. Four universities are expected to go on-line with their systems this July.

Action agenda item 2 - Student fees

Dr. Linda Dye, vice president for Student Affairs, reported that the UWF Student Activity and Service fee is the third lowest in the State University System, and the Athletic Fee is the second highest. The student fees are capped at 40 percent of the matriculation fee by state statute, and the proposed fees are at 39 percent. They were unanimously approved by a committee with a membership of half students.

Trustee Epps moved and Trustee Hess Herrick seconded approval of the fees. It passed unanimously.

Keith Goldschmidt, deputy corporate secretary, explained that the proposed childcare fee was inadvertently left out of the agenda packet. He distributed the agenda item to the committee. Dr. Dye said that the proposed fee increases ranged from 2 percent to 2.6 percent. The UWF center was one of the first in the state and is a model program. In many areas, it has waiting lists for children of currently enrolled students. It received a three-year grant, which wil be used to buy some additional equipment, and it will enable the center to provide discounted rates to students receiving Pell Grants.

Trustee Hess Herrick moved and Trustee Epps seconded approval of the proposed fees. It passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:22 a.m.