UWF Board of Trustees
Academic and Student Affairs Committee
UWF Conference Center
November 22, 2002

Committee Chair Roy Smith called the meeting to order at 8:35 a.m. Members present were:
Roy Smith
Honor Bell
Jason Crawford
Klaus Meyer-Arendt

Other attending:
Dr. Judy Bense
Dr. Jerry Norris
Dr. Janet Pilcher
Executive Vice President Parks Dimsdale
President John Cavanaugh

Action 1- UWF Strategic Planning New Academic Programs

Dr. Jerry Norris addressed the committee with The Strategic Planning- New Academic Programs. This entailed the dynamic list of proposed new degree programs for exploration, planning, and implementation from the June 2002 meeting. The first item addressed was the BA Maritime Studies which was received well by all committee members with positive remarks. The Heritage Studies course is on hold till further action and research is completed.

The BA in Hospitality Recreation, and Tourism Studies was addressed by Dr. Janet Pilcher, dean of the College of Professional studies.. She shared her opinion and research on incorporating a more holistic approach. Dr. Pilcher met with a consultant who gave her ideas on where the industry is headed. She would like to incorporate a program with FIU and use distance learning. Final approval will be sought when all details are complete. This will be ready for approval by February 2003 meeting.

Dr. Judy Bense and Norris presented the MA Anthropology. Booklets detailing this program were looked over by members and received no questions. Comments were made that it is cost efficient and a great addition. Trustee Smith motioned to approve the courses for Anthropology and Maritime Studies. Trustee Bell seconded the motion. All committee members were in favor.

Other business

President John C. Cavanaugh addressed the committee with a letter given to him by Dr. Richburg, President of Okaloosa-Walton Community College. The letter informed Dr. Cavanaugh that OWCC intends to offer a four-year-degree program in Industrial Management and a bachelor's program in Nnrsing, which will be in conjunction with Fort Walton Beach Medical Center. The idea of OWCC providing a four-year degree in education was also mentioned.

Dr. Cavanaugh informed the committee that he will address the matter by
1) Meeting with Dr. Richburg
2) For faculty to get involved. Since OWCC and UWF are partners, faculty and staff should be concerned about the dramatic changes taking place. Dr. Cavanaugh feels that the members of this university can make a great difference in these types of matters

Roy Smith motioned to end the meeting. Jason Crawford seconded his motion.
Meeting adjourned at 9:22 a.m.

College of Professional Studies Dean Janet Pilcher said the program has been in development for one year. She and others have met with Trustee Carol Dover and expanded the initial proposal. The next phase is to bring in a consultant in the hospitality area. The program will be a downtown, community-based program that will help in expanding the tourism industry. A steering group already is established.

The committee unanimously approved the program exploration.

Accountability measures for performance-based budgeting

Dr. Norris said the proposed accountability measures are to be submitted to the Division of Colleges and Universities. They were based on the strategic priorities in the Strategic Plan. The final measures will be negotiated with board staff. Beginning with the 2004-05 budget, 10 percent of the UWF budget (now about $7.5 million) will be based on these accountability measures.

Committee members discussed the need for more specific measures than the ones proposed. Dr. Dimsdale said the university did not want to be more specific at this point because it wants some negotiating room. Specific targets will be developed as the process continues.

Trustee Crawford moved and Trustee Morgan seconded approval of the proposed measures. It passed unanimously.