UWF Board of Trustees
Academic and Student Affairs Committee
UWF Conference Center
June 6-7, 2002

Committee Chair Roy Smith called the meeting to order at 3:04 p.m. Committee members attending the meeting were:
Trustee Jason Crawford
Trustee JoAnn Morgan
Trustee Roy Smith
Dr. Klaus Meyer-Arendt, representing the Faculty Senate

Other trustees attending the meeting were Eddie Phillips and Pam Bilbrey.

Associate Vice President Jerry Norris reported on the four academic programs on the agenda. He explained that the committee is being asked to approve the request to explore and plan the programs. They will have to meet 26 criteria and submit a request to the Board of Trustees to implement the program.

Maritime Studies

College of Arts and Sciences Dean Martha Saunders said the Maritime Studies degree program is an interdisciplinary program, which packages existing course offerings. There is only one other program of its kind in the nation, and that is at Texas A&M at Galveston, though the UWF curriculum will be more rigorous. Graduates with this degree could find jobs in such areas as port management, tourism and hospitality.

The committee unanimously approved the program exploration.

Heritage Studies

Dr. Saunders said that President Marx brought consultants to look at the historic properties, and they strongly endorsed such a Heritage Studies program. It would be interdisciplinary with certification. Many courses already are in place, and the program can begin quickly.

The committee unanimously approved the program exploration.

Dr. Bense explained that the bachelor's program in anthropology is now certified. Faculty were hired last year. More students are asking for the program. A master's degree in anthropology has become a professional necessity.

The committee unanimously approved the program exploration.

Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism

College of Professional Studies Dean Janet Pilcher said the program has been in development for one year. She and others have met with Trustee Carol Dover and expanded the initial proposal. The next phase is to bring in a consultant in the hospitality area. The program will be a downtown, community-based program that will help in expanding the tourism industry. A steering group already is established.

The committee unanimously approved the program exploration.

Accountability measures for performance-based budgeting

Dr. Norris said the proposed accountability measures are to be submitted to the Division of Colleges and Universities. They were based on the strategic priorities in the Strategic Plan. The final measures will be negotiated with board staff. Beginning with the 2004-05 budget, 10 percent of the UWF budget (now about $7.5 million) will be based on these accountability measures.

Committee members discussed the need for more specific measures than the ones proposed. Dr. Dimsdale said the university did not want to be more specific at this point because it wants some negotiating room. Specific targets will be developed as the process continues.

Trustee Crawford moved and Trustee Morgan seconded approval of the proposed measures. It passed unanimously.