The relationship between boredom proneness and the constructs of Type A behavior and sensation seeking were investigated using the Boredom Proneness (BP) scale, the student form of the Jenkins Activity Survey, and the Sensation Seeking (SS) scale. Boredom proneness and Type A behavior were shown to possess some similarities, as well as some distinct differences. Impatient behavior exhibited under situations imposing constraint and those lacking in external stimulation appear to be common to both Type A and boredom prone individuals. However, these individuals differed in their perceptions of time and capacity for generating internal stimulation. Boredom proneness and sensation seeking were found to be similar in regard to the need for varied, novel, and exciting environment. The results of the present research provide partial construct-related validity evidence for the multidimensionality of the boredom proneness scale. Future research may focus on examining the interaction of Type A behavior and Boredom Proneness, particularly in terms of how their combination may predict coronary disease and other related problems such as drug abuse, early school leaving, and personnel selection and placement.