Some Irish Countryside Scenes
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Out in the countryside not too far away

from Cork City.

A fairly typical Irish country road, quite narrow, with

the elevated sides consisting of grass with rock underneath.

A view across the harbor in Kinsale, a quaint,

beautiful city less than 20 miles south of Cork City.

I visited here several times (mainly by bus,

about a 45 minute ride) and enjoyed some

wonderful food and the many shops downtown.

Two horses shielding themselves from near

gale force winds.

A nice example of the beautiful grass fields

in Ireland.

Boats at low tide.

Waves breaking over the rocks on the Bear Peninsula.

One of many beautiful flower windows

in Ireland; near Blarney.

A beautiful field in southwest County Cork.

A sobering, highly accurate sign. The high winds

and steep cliffs make such a precaution quite wise.

View of a common stone fence, near the

shore in County Cork.

Contrasting transportation styles!

Struggling to walk uphill on a road on the Bear

Peninsula against a very strong wind.