Sexual Boredom Scale

Items are answered on a 7-point scale from "1" (highly disagree) to "7" (highly agree)

1)   _____ I frequently find it difficult to sustain my sexual interest in a relationship.

2)   _____ I could never get enough sexual pleasure from just one relationship.

3)   _____ I get very restless if I remain in the same sexual relationship for any length of time.

4)   _____ I would prefer a short-term sexual relationship to a longer term one.

5)   _____ I takes very little change and variety in a relationship to keep me sexually satisfied.

6)   _____ I sometimes doubt whether or not I could remain sexually faithful in a long-term or monogamous


7)   _____ I prefer sexual relationships that are exciting an unpredictable.

8)   _____ I would not stay in a relationship that was sexually dull.

9)   _____ I usually feel constrained and frustrated in a long-term sexual relationship.

10) _____ Sex frequently becomes an unexciting and predictable routine.

11) _____ It's only natural to grow old of having sex with the same person.

12) _____ Sex frequently becomes unexciting in a long-term relationship.

13) _____ I often get bored having sexual intercourse with the same person.

14) _____ I get tired of having sex in the same "old ways."

15) _____ Maintaining my sexual interest in a relationship is never difficult.

16) _____ It would be very hard for me to find a relationship that is sexually exciting enough.

17) _____ I'm more interested in excitement and stimulation in a sexual relationship than security and


18) _____ Sex with the same person can become tiresome over time.