Lee's Job Boredom Scale

1)   Do you often get bored with your work?

2)   Is your work monotonous?

3)   Would you like to change from your type of work to another from time to time (if the pay

       were the same)?

4)   How well do you like the work you do?

5)   Do you often get tired on the job?

6)   Do you find the job dull?

7)   Does the job go by slowly?

8)   Do you become irritable on the job?

9)   Do you get apathetic on the job?

10) Do you get mentally sluggish during the day?

11) Do you get drowsy on the job?

12) Does the time seem to go by slowly?

13) Are there long periods of boredom on the job?

14) Does the job seem repetitive?

15) During the day, do you think about doing another task?

16) Does monotony describe your job?

17) Is your work pretty much the same day after day?