Boredom Proneness Scale

The statements can be answered using a true-false response (the original format used) or with a 7-point format from "1" (highly disagree) to "7" (highly agree) used in recent research. 

     _____ 1. It is easy for me to concentrate on my activities.

     _____ 2. Frequently when I am working I find myself worrying

              about other things.

     _____ 3. Time always seems to be passing slowly.

     _____ 4. I often find myself at "loose ends", not knowing what

              to do.

    _____ 5. I am often trapped in situations where I have to

             do meaningless things.

    _____ 6. Having to look at someone's home movies or travel

             slides bores me tremendously.

    _____ 7. I have projects in mind all the time, things to do.

    _____ 8. I find it easy to entertain myself.

    _____ 9. Many things I have to do are repetitive and


    _____ 10. It takes more stimulation to get me going than most


    _____ 11. I get a kick out of most things I do.

    _____ 12. I am seldom excited about my work.

    _____ 13. In any situation I can usually find something to do

              or see to keep me interested.

    _____ 14. Much of the time I just sit around doing nothing.

    _____ 15. I am good at waiting patiently.

    _____ 16. I often find myself with nothing to do, time on my


    _____ 17. In situations where I have to wait, such as a line I

              get very restless.

    _____ 18. I often wake up with a new idea.

    _____ 19. It would be very hard for me to find a job that is

              exciting enough.

    _____ 20. I would like more challenging things to do in life.

    _____ 21. I feel that I am working below my abilities most of

              the time.

    _____ 22. Many people would say that I am a creative or

              imaginative person.

    _____ 23. I have so many interests, I don't have time to do


     _____ 24. Among my friends, I am the one who keeps doing

               something the longest.

    _____ 25. Unless I am doing something exciting, even dangerous,

              I feel half-dead and dull. 

    _____ 26. It takes a lot of change and variety to keep me

              really happy.

    _____ 27. It seems that the same things are on 


              television or the movies all the time; it's


              getting old.


    _____ 28. When I was young, I was often in monotonous


              and tiresome situations.