During my 2015 sabbatical, I taught in the Village Program in Pontlevoy, France, located in the Loire Valley about 2.5 hours southwest of Paris by train.   My duties consisted of teaching a course in Social Psychology, contributing to many Village Lab excursions (e.g., Amboise, Tours), and participating in Leadership and Communication Seminar Dinners.  The experience was remarkable.  The students were interesting and curious.  The village of Pontlevoy was beautiful, as were the residents and shop owners.  The pace of life was refreshing.  We enjoyed many simple pleasures which consisted of eating local food, drinking local wines, reading, walking, and regular conversations with other faculty and students in the program.  These conversartions were a wonderful learning experience and covered a wide range of topics such as history, geography, literature, art, and science.  As a result, lots of lasting friendships were made. 

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The Village of Pontlevoy


Village Program Side Trips