During our time in the Village Program, several trips were taken to nearby towns,  Offical trips with students and faculty consisted of visits to Ambois, Montrichard, BourrŽ, and Tour.  We also went to the City of Chenonceaux to see the beautifual chateau there - Ch‰teau de Chenonceau.


Dr. Morris Marx giving a talk about the life and contributions of Leonardo da Vinci on the grounds of da Vinci's last residence. 


Side and partial view of the Ch‰teau d'Amboise.


Beautiful window baskets on a building down the street from the Ch‰teau d'Amboise.  One of the many highlights of Amboise was a delicious lunch and the gellato shop across the street from this building.


Some of the faculty in the Village Program relaxing in a square in Tours, France.  We stayed one night in Tours and had the best wine of our entire trip -- a Pomerol from Bordeaux region in southwestern France. 


Historic 300-year-old tree in downntown Tours.


The stunningly beautiful Ch‰teau de Chenonceau The audio tour was

one of the best I have ever experienced, providing detailed information about the history of the ch‰teau.



A view of a muchroom cave in BourrŽ.  Students and faculty were given a personal tour by the owner of the cave, Julien, who ws also the ower of Le Commerce bar and restaurant. After the tour, we bought several bags of muchrooms to accompany our meals.  They were very flavorble with various shapes and colors.


Shopping at the "Super U" in Montrichard.  Produce was

weighed and priced by pressing the appropriate number on the scale. We went here a few times because the local grocery in Pontlevoy temporarily closed two weeks after we arrived.


Ch‰teau De Pray (a few minutes from Amboise).  We stayed here for one night. The grounds and restaurant were unbelievably beautiful.  We were given so much food at dinner that we joked that the staff was attempting to kill us.



The restaurant on the grounds of Ch‰teau De Pray - built inside of a cliff.  Below are some of the servings.