Todd has been a line worker for a large manufacturing company in the Midwest for the past 25 years. He enjoyed his job and his coworkers, and he was proud to work for the company. Last year the company reported record profits and the stock price doubled during that time. At the end of the year, the average pay for those in upper management positions increased 40%, including bonuses and stock options. Last week the company announced that the plant that Todd works at would be closed within a year, with the bulk of the work being transferred to a new plant in Mexico. The company recently promised that no closures would take place within the next five years, so everyone at Toddís plant was completely shocked by this announcement. Approximately half of the employees would be terminated at the end of the year with the plant closure, while the others including Todd were given the option of transferring to the Mexico plant for less pay and benefits at the end of the year.


(C)†† 1. ††††† Filed a complaint with his union

(D)†† 2. ††††† Used company resources for his private use before being sent to Mexico

(D)†† 3. ††††† Falsely reported that he worked more hours to make up for being sent to Mexico with††

†††††††††††††††††† less pay and benefits

(C)†† 4. ††† ††Filed a suit against the company

(D)†† 5. ††††† Started coming in late

(D)†† 6. ††††† Bad-mouthed upper management with his co-workers

(D)†† 7. ††††† Verbally threatened his supervisor that the organization wonít get away with closing

††††††† †††††††††††the plant

(C)†† 8. ††††† Talked about the positive aspects of the change with his coworkers

(D)†† 9. ††††† Produced less quality products to get back at the organization

(D) 10. ††††† Participated with his coworkers in stopping needed resources from the suppliers to

†††††††††††††††††† slow production

(C) 11. ††††† Found ways to provide more support to the organization

(C) 12. ††††† Quit his job

(D) 13. ††††† Participated in sending threats of sabotaging plant equipment to upper management††††

†††††††††††††††††† because of the plant closure

(D) 14. ††††† Took some plant resources home to make up for being sent to Mexico

(C) 15. ††††† Thanked management for giving him the opportunity to still work even if it is in

†††††††† ††††††††††Mexico

(D) 16. ††††† Sent anonymous e-mails to upper management threatening them that they will no

†††††††††††††††††† longer have jobs if they close the plant


†††† Dan has been working for Advertising Inc. for about 7 years and has hardly ever missed a day of work. He is always on time, never asks for personal days, and didnít even take his vacation last year. Over the past month, his son has become ill and seems to be getting worse as the days go by. His wife has asked him to accompany them to a special hospital in the next state. He is sure that his supervisor will clear his request and tells his wife to go ahead and make the arrangements. The next day he is talking with his supervisor, Steve, about a meeting that is scheduled to take place the next day. Dan explained to his supervisor about his sick son and requested permission to miss the meeting. His supervisor explained that under the law he cannot deny his request, so Dan left the next day. When Dan returned to work after his trip, he found out that he has been taken off the team that handles some of the companyís high priority clients. The reason given by his supervisor was that he had a lack of commitment to the teamís goals. His pay remained the same, and he is essentially doing the same work; however, the new position is not on the same track for promotions, bonuses, or raises.


(D)1.††††† Criticized Steve in front of coworkers, subordinates, and clients

(D)2.††††† Threatened Steve that if he did not give him his job back, then everyone would know

††††††††††††††††† about how Steve used his expense account for personal use

(D)3.††††† Gave Steve false information that ruined the results of one of his projects

(C)4.††††† Worked harder to prove to Steve that he does respect the goals of the team

(D)5.††††† Told clients that the delays in their project were due to Steveís lack of ability

(C)6.††††† Provided more help to Steve

(D)7.††††† Insulted Steve during meetings

(D)8.††††† Gave Steve dirty looks during meetings

(D)9.††††† Yelled obscenities at Steve for transferring him to a different position



†††† As an employee of Mr. Smith at Computer Graphics, Inc., Bob was well aware of his supervisorís blatant misuse of company resources and time. Bob was also aware that he took on some of his supervisorsí responsibilities when his supervisor was out socializing with clients. For the past couple of months, Bob has been creating a plan that would save the company 15-20% in overhead costs, and he canít wait to present it at the next meeting with the executive team. One day when Bob walked into the office, he saw flow charts and diagrams posted where everyone could read them. As he got closer, he realized that the ideas for restructuring the organization were his. He tried to find his supervisor and was told that he was out with the Vice-President of Production discussing the new strategic plan. A couple of days later he heard from his co-workers that he will soon have a new supervisor because Mr. Smith had been promoted to a higher position.


(D)†† 1.††††† Made physical threats (e.g., beat him up, destroy his new car) to Mr. Smith not to use

†††††††††††††††††† his ideas

(D)†† 2.††††† Deleted files and infected Mr. Smithís computer with a virus so that his files would

†††††††††††††††††† be inaccessible

(C)†† 3.††††† Confronted Mr. Smith in front of upper management about stealing his ideas

(D)†† 4.††††† Sent Mr. Smith false information regarding some of the details of his ideas so that the

†††††††††††††††††† plan would fail when Mr. Smith implemented it

(C)†† 5.††††† Demanded a public apology from Mr. Smith for taking his ideas

(D)†† 6.††††† Caused his work to be late to several clients and told the clients that because Mr.

††††††††††††††††† Smith was never at work and was slow at doing his work that their product was late

(C)†† 7.††††† Found some way to compromise with Mr. Smith

(C)†† 8.††††† Gave Mr. Smith a piece of his mind when he saw him

(C)†† 9.††††† No longer covered for Mr. Smithís absences

(D) 10.††† ††Used sarcasm toward Mr. Smith in future meetings

(C) 11.††††† Helped Mr. Smith to implement his ideas so that the company would get the most††††††††

†††††††††††††††††† benefit out of the plan

(C) 12.††††† Made amends with Mr. Smith




†††† †††††† ABC Inc., a multinational manufacturing company, was established in Pine Bluff, Arkansas in the mid-1950s.Most of the employees at ABC Inc. have worked for the company for an average of 20 years and have been highly committed to its success. Indeed, having a job at ABC Inc. was considered highly desirable given its good pay and benefits and the family-like atmosphere within the organization (many employees were close friends and socialized together outside of work).Recently, ABC Inc. was bought by Creations Plus. The employees were told that their jobs would not change and no changes would be made to their seniority, pay, or job status. Soon after ABC Inc. was bought, a memo was distributed stating that the retirement benefits guaranteed by ABC Inc. would not be honored. Essentially, the retirement and health benefits for current and former ABC Inc. employees would be reduced by an average of 40%. The employees immediately protested these changes. The management of Creations Plus explained that they were not legally bound by ABC Inc. former policies, and that employees had no choice in the matter and had to accept the new benefits package.


(D)†† 1.††††† Participated in not fixing errors in the work produced so that customers would be

††††††††††††††††† unsatisfied in order to get back at the company

(D)†† 2.††††† Verbally threatened management to change their benefits

(C)†† 3.††††† Told the press what happened

(D)†† 4.††††† Participated in stealing products from the organization to make up for the loss of†††

††††††††††††††††† benefits

(D)†† 5.††††† Told competitors some trade secrets about Creations Plus production because of the

†††††††††††††††††† loss of benefits

(D)†† 6.††††† Gave management obscene gestures during plant meetings

(D)†† 7.††††† Participated in slowing production so that the company would lose money to get back

††††††††††††††††† at the company for the loss of benefits

(D)†† 8.††††† Called in sick on the same day

(C)†† 9.††††† Forgave the organization

(C) 10.††††† Implemented a plan to cut costs so that they might get their benefits back

(D) 11.††††† Talked about spreading lies about the company so that the company would lose†††

†††††††††††††††††† money

(C) 12.††††† Worked only the minimum until retirement

(D) 13.††††† Planned to get even with the company for drastically reducing their benefits




Note.Items on the Constructive and Destructive subscales are denoted with (C) and (D),