Ethics in I-O Psychology

Spring 2013


Instructor: Dr. Stephen Vodanovich


Text: Lowman, R. L. (2006).  The ethical practice of psychology in organizations. American Psychological

Association: Washington, DC.



~ Primary Learning Objectives ~


Students will be able to:


1)  Develop and give presentations on contemporary, important ethical topics in the field of I/O Psychology.


2)  Summarize and evaluate the array of ethical issues covered in the course.


3)  Discuss and evaluate case studies in terms of adherence to professional guidelines (e.g., APA)


4)  Evaluate, in detail, the impact of ethical issues for individuals, organizations, and society.


5)  Logically summarize a given perspective on an ethical issue and identify the strengths and

     weaknesses of contrary positions.



~ Approximate Timeline ~


>>>  APA Ethical Principles  of Psychologists and Code of Conduct  ||  html version   ||  .pdf version


Reporting of Test Results


Steve Vodanovich

PowerPoint Slides


Drug Testing

Crandford, M. (1998).  Drug testing and the right to privacy: Arguing the ethics of workplace drug testing. Journal of Business Ethics, 17 (16), 1805-1815.   Link


Kimber Bougan


Genetic Testing

MacDonald, C., & Williams-Jones, B.  (2002).  Ethics and genetics: Susceptibility testing in the workplace. Journal of Business Ethics, 35, 235-241.  Link


Peter Bougas


Personnel Selection

Lowman cases:

2 [Validation Efforts with Small Sample Sizes]
3 [Test Validation Strategies]


 Phillip Della Sala


Personnel Selection

Lowman cases:

Personnel Screening for Emotional Stability

Developing International Selection Systems


Kayla Duperreault


Personnel Selection

Lowman cases:

11 [Assessment Center Records]
12 [Maintaining Confidentiality and Objectivity]


Christina Gutierrez


Organizational Diagnosis and Intervention

Lowman cases:

14 [Layoff Notifications]

15 [Survey Reveals Sexual Harassment]


Katherine Harnish


Maintaining Confidentiality

Lowman cases: 

18 [Confidentiality and survey reporting]

20 [Conflicting obligations in survey research]

23 [Confidentiality of interview data]


Katherine Oliver

No Class (Spring Break) 

Organizational Diagnosis and Intervention

Lowman cases:

26 [Sharing of Management Development Results]
27 [Disposition of Psychological Reports]


Managing Consulting Relationships

Lowman cases:

28 [Conflict of interests and roles]

29 [Accurately Reporting Research Results]



Shannon Walden






Katherine Oliver and

Katherine Harnish





Managing Consulting Relationships

Lowman cases:

32 [Dual relationships]

33 [Pressures to Implement Psychological Programs Too Soon]



Christine Gutierrez and

Kayla Duperreault






No Class --- SIOP Conference


Ethics of Professional Behavior

Lowman cases:

52 [ Responding to Allegations of Misconduct]
53 [The Ethics of Voluntary Professional Activities]


Kimber Bougan and

Peter Bougas


Ethics of Professional Behavior

Lowman cases:

57 [Evaluating Colleagues' Competencies]
58 [Confronting Unethical Behavior]


Shannon Walden and

Phillip Della Sala


~ Responsibilities and Grading Criteria ~


       additional outside readings) and to lead a discussion on the assigned topic. Those not presenting are responsible

       for reading any assigned material and to be active in the discussion of issues. 



        in the final grade