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During my sabbatical in October of 2007 I (and my wife , Donna) spent 3 weeks in Bangkok, Chang Mai, and a few days in Singapore. My primary reason for going to Bangkok was to meet with the faculty of the Psychology Department at Chulalongkornn University. My colleague, Dr. Bill Mikulas, taught at "Chula" many years ago and had maintained contact (and friendships) with people there. As a result, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Sompoch Iamsupasit (a friend and colleague of Bill Mikulas) on his visits to Pensacola and the University of West Florida. Throughout my October visit, I interacted with several faculty, staff, and students. My wife and I also had the pleasure of traveling with the faculty and staff on an overnight retreat! It was a great time.

Partly as a result of my sabbatical trip to Chula in October, I was invited to be a Visiting Instructor in June of 2008, which I gladly accepted. The university paid for us to stay at a nice furnished apartment about a 10 minute wall to the Psychology Department, alghough we mostly used the convenient Sky Train. During my 3-week stay in Bangkok, I gave a series of five lectures to I-O master's students at Chulalongkorn University on various topics. The lectures included: Current Perspectives in I-O Psychology, Conducting I-O Research, Careers in I-O, and Burnout (two lectures, one to the Psychology faculty). The talks were well-attended and the numerous insightful questions were asked. After each presentation, a student was chosen to personally thank me for my lecture. Wow!

Below are links to pictures and some short video clips of my two trips to Thailand. I hope to assist other faculty members at the University of West Florida to teach at Chula, as well as attracting Thai students and faculty to come to UWF.

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