University of West Florida School of Science and Engineering Kaleidoscope
Volume 2  |  Issue 1  |  Spring 2012

Giving News

—In anticipation of the growth of UWF computing disciplines, the School of Science and Engineering has identified several priorities that require private support. One of these is the ability to attract top graduate students who will be able to conduct research and garner additional grant monies in areas for which faculty perceive there is a regional need. Through the support of graduate students, faculty become encouraged to better understand regional needs and advance entrepreneurial agendas that benefit the innovation resident within a community.

According to Director Leo ter Haar, “The opportunities for graduate students to assist faculty with research are limited only by our ability to attract excellent candidates with an attractive stipend and engaging them with relevant state-of-the-art projects. AppRiver’s leadership and support of this need comes at the perfect time. We are honored they have chosen to invest in our students in this special way. ”

In addition to their private support, AppRiver’s experience of building a successful, global company is invaluable and offers many teaching moments to UWF students. Balancing the technical expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit is the perfect business model to share and motivates students to dream big. More about AppRiver may be found at

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