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Dr. Stu Ryan is an Associate Professor in the Division of Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science at the University of West Florida. Dr. Ryan is the creator of the Fitness Fun Forever program, along with many other fitness and health related curricula and materials to assist classroom teachers. He is recognized as an expert in childhood obesity, and has made numerous national, state, and regional presentations related to childrens’ health issues. Contact Dr. Ryan at (850) 474-2597 or

George Ordway has been involved with educational multimedia and video production for ten years. He will complete a master's degree in instructional technology in 2002. He is currently the director of the virtual reality planetarium at Pensacola Christian College. Mr. Ordway can be reached at

Thanks to the featured teachers in this program: Rene Johnson and Reggie Lipnick of Brentwood Elementary School, Pensacola, Florida, and Huey Pearson, N.B. Cook Elementary School, Pensacola, Florida.

Special thanks to Lynda Kinard, Director of the Florida Coordinated School Heath Program.

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