Officers for 2009/2010

President: AshleeAnne Palmer    email---AAP18@STUDENTS.UWF.EDU

Vice President: Stefan Georgi

Sec/Treasurer: Justin Beck 


Past Members and Associates

Ms. Brittany Miller: Former President currently working as a lead at an advertising firm in Pensacola

Mr. Bobby Johnson: Former President and currently instructing at UWF with courses like Philosophy of Biology, Logic and Ethics in Contemporary Society. He received his graduate degree after UWF at Florida State University in the History and Philosophy of Science

Mr. Dave Monroe: Former Vice President and after leaving UWF, acquired master’s degree from Western Michigan and is now teaching at University of Tampa as well as St.Petersburg. He is scheduled to continue with PhD at Michigan State.

Mr. Peter Takacs: Former President and currently research assistant for Michael Ruse at Florida State University working towards his PhD.

Mr. Ian Arnold: Former Secretary and after leaving UWF received his M.A in Library Science.


List of Former Presidents:

2008—Trevor Griffith

2007—Brittany Miller

2006—Stephanie Noell

2005---Janos Takacs

2004---Bobby Johnson

2003—Peter Takacs