In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, we (Sam Mathews and his Critical Thinking International) conducted a workshop with representatives from a number of African countries. The workshop was focused on developing standards for conducting evaluations of literacy activities including teacher training, librarian training, book production, and construction of libraries and community reading rooms. This workshop took place in November, 2007.


Participants working on project standards at the Addis Ababa workshop sponsored by Canadian Overseas Development through Education.

Village residents watching the grand opening of a community library sponsored by CODE. Our workshop was aimed at developing standards for literacy work and encouragement of girls’ education.



Girls from Addis Alem, Ethiopia in a community library. Some libraries have established special rooms and times for girls to come to the library to avoid gender harassment.



Samples of books produced in a Ghanaian Book Project sponsored by CODE. We are working to support development of texts for young children to encourage literacy and address cross-cutting issues such as HIV/AIDS, Gender-based violence, deforestation, and child soldiers.