Fall, 2004, Visiting Professor, Tallinn University , Tallinn, Estonia

In the fall, 2004, I taught a series of courses and seminars at Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia. The courses included Psychology of Adolescence, Research Methods, and Writing Academic Papers. In addition to teaching at Tallinn University, I worked with regional governmental officials and The Faculty of Educational Sciences at Tallinn University to develop a plan to reduce dropouts in rural schools.


Sam Mathews with Priit Reiska, Dean of Educational Sciences, Tallinn        Doctoral Students from Education Sciences and Social Sciences in a

University at End of Semester Celebration, December 2004                          Research Course, Fall, 2004, Tallinn University


First Grade Pupils, Tallinn, Estonia, November, 2004
Psychology Students, Tallinn University, Holiday Party, 2004