Dr. Billy Daughdrill was the assistant director of the first Pensacola area regional science fair back in Sputnik times (1957).  In addition to directing many regional fairs, he twice directed the Florida State Science Fair.   He retired from PJC as the Dean of Sciences, but still is involved in local fairs with his daughter Kim, the present regional director of the next Regional Fair at UWF.  He now has 51 years of experience judging science fairs.


Dr. Bill Brantley got started with fairs in his native Mississippi in 1960.  Since coming to PJC, he has also judged in many fairs now for 48 years.  Now officially retired as a Professor of Physics, he still teaches as an adjunct with physics classes and labs at both PJC and UWF.


Wayne Wooten came to PJC in 1974 and served as Assistant Director for our regional fair for ten years, and State Assistant Director once.  This is his 34th year of science fair judging, and he will be judging Earth and Space Science exhibits this year.   His wife Merry judged botany awards at the regional and state fairs for many years as her health permitted. Their son Michael won the Grand Award for Physical Sciences at the Regional Fair in 1995 for his work with the impact of Comet SL-9 on Jupiter, and went on to win state and national awards.  Students with whose projects Wayne assisted now serve as NASA's head scientist for publicity at Jet Propulsion Lab (Dr. Tony Phillips), a staff astronomer at Univ. of Arizona (Scott Gottila), and to graduate from PHS in May with a NASA scholarship, Vicki Glass, for her work with data reduction on EAAA photos of Comet Holmes explosion in October 2007.