The University of West Florida's Interfraternal Council Fall Rush Week will take place starting on September 21st, 2009 and last until September 25th, 2009. Rush week is a series of formal and informal events that give prospective candidates the chance to get to know all six respectable greek organizations on campus before deciding to enter the greek community. Rush week at the University of West Florida is FREE of charge and holds no obligations towards any individual who chooses to participate. It is open to all men who are interested in joining a fraternity and are not part of an Interfraternal Council Fraternity.

Sigma Alpha Mu Rush Schedule for Fall 2009

Monday (9/21) Meet the Greeks at the University Commons. Meet Sigma Alpha Mu and all over 5 respective interfraternal council fraternities at the University of West Florida.

Tuesday  (9/22) Bocchee, Football, and Frisbee Golf @ the Cannon Greens from 11-1pm.

Tailgating with the brothers 4pm @ service road by the intermural fields.

Wednesday (9/23) Frolf aka Frisbee Golf 3pm @ Disc Golf Course (Oak Groves).

Chili Cheese Dog Campfire at 6pm which is @ The Firepit.

Thursday (9/24) Mock Chapter @ 4pm at Building 52, Room 152.

Following after will be Game Night at the UC Auditorium.

Friday (9/25) Bid Day. Invite Only.


Why Rush Sigma Alpha Mu?

Some say that college is one of the best times and possibly best four years of your life. The experiences, challenges and adventures that await you have just began or for some are still ongoing. You will have many choices and decisions to make as an undergraduate that will help define you and find out what you want out of your 2-4 years of time in college.

Sigma Alpha Mu helps one get through college by making some of those big choices a little easier by providing its members with many wonderful and amazing opportunities, experiences and memories that nothing else could possibly replicate. From leadership, to service, education, brotherhood, and many other core values of true manhood, Sigma Alpha Mu is the right place to have a positive and fufilling college experience.

The main reason any undergraduate student partakes into the university is to educate oneself. By being a part of Sigma Alpha Mu, one will have a greater chance of succeeding in academics. Many fellow members may share the same knowledge or major as yourself. Sigma Alpha Mu takes pride in academics and does so by having Study Hours to get it's fellow members on track to the right path of education.

The Sigma Alpha Mu - Delta Eta Chapter at the University of West Florida takes pride in helping out with it's fellow community and represents itself each year by totalling over at least 1000+ community service hours each year as an organization. Sigma Alpha Mu participates each year in many various community service projects each year and also is involved with Relay for Life and many of the other community service opportunities at the University of West Florida.

At the University of West Florida, Sigma Alpha Mu is one of the #1 involved fraternities on campus. From Campus Activities Board, to Student Activities, Recreation & Sport Services, Student Government Assocation and many other organizations on campus, you will find at least one member of Sigma Alpha Mu there and ready to work their hardest as not just a member of this fraternity, but as an argonaut as well.

Each year Sigma Alpha Mu participates in intermurals on campus and on a weekly basis engages into various athletic activites. By doing so, not only will you be fufilling your physical well being, you will also learn many other fulling concepts such as teamwork, sportsmanship, pride, and even bond closer to your fellow brothers in the process.

Brotherhood is one of the most important and exclusive things a fraternity can ever offer an individual. Brotherhood is special since no matter what happens, the fraternity can count on each other and will always have mutual and moral support for one another in both good and bad times. As one first enters the fraternity, they may not see brotherhood so clearly but as their journey goes on within Sigma Alpha Mu, your brothers become some of the best friends you will have for a lifetime.

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