Photo Credit: M. Giles

Flora and Fauna of Northwest Florida

Department of Biology

University of West Florida

Pensacola, FL USA

Welcome to the Northwest Florida Flora and Fauna Database. This database is a guide to the regional habitats and dominant organisms found along the northern Gulf of Mexico coast. The database is organized as a set of nested pages that allows you to explore habitats and species. Habitat links below on this page lead to descriptions of the conditions and ecological processes occurring in local habitats and species lists of important organisms. Species names link to pages with pictures and information on the identification and life history for each. The database can also be searched using key words for habitats and/or dominant characteristics of animals and plants.

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Richard A. Snyder

All photos by R. A. Snyder, Ph.D. unless otherwise indicated


 Last updated: 20 June 2008

Barrier Islands

Seagrass Beds


Freshwater Wetlands:

Tidal Marshes & Flooded Woodlands

Wet Prairies

Upland Hardwoods




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