Directed Studies

All junior and senior biology majors are encouraged to pursue an independent research project as part of their undergraduate science training. These expereinces can be arranged with faculty who share your interests and have the facilities to support your project. Many faculty have on-going research that you can participate in and develop a sub-project within that framework. Most faculty are open to disscussion of any ideas you have, or can help you decide on a suitable project.


Dr. Snyder's interests range broadly from field ecology to microbial ecology, but his emphasis is on the ecology of bacteria and protists (protozoa). His lab has facilities for analysis of environmental samples, experimentation with protists in ecological, physiological, and diversity/taxonomic studies (description of new species). Students in the past have: analyzed populations of olive nerite snails by isoenzymes, mapped wetlands on the Ft. Pickens area of the Gulf Islands National Seashore with GPS, monitored the recovery of aquatic and terrestrial habitats on Santa Rosa Island after hurricane OPAL, researched and wrote a paper on the Florida net ban and related fisheries issues, determined functional and numerical responses of various species of amoebae and ciliates on bacterial prey, determined nutrient regeneration rates for protists grown on bacteria, determined the growth rates of bacteria on jet fuel, PCR amplified rRNA fragments from single ciliate cells for taxonomic analysis.


For further Information Contact:

Dr. Richard A. Snyder


Bldg 58, Rm 62D