Intervention in the Addictions

PCO 4310

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Course Objectives:

This upper-level undergraduate course will examine the complex interplay between biological, psychological, familial, social and cultural factors as they relate to addictive behaviors.  Although the focus will be on alcohol and other drugs and their effects on mind, body, family and community, other pervasive and potentially addictive behaviors such as gambling and eating will be covered.  The course is designed to convey basic information about licit and illicit drugs as well as introduce the student to the prominent theoretical models and clinical methods for assessing and treating addictions.  While it is an introductory course that provides much content in this specialized field, it is not designed to train students to become substance abuse counselors.


Specifically, students will demonstrate content knowledge about:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Prerequisite Course: PSY 2013 - General Psychology

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