Basic Physical Chemistry (Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Quantum Mechanics)

Chemical Kinetics

Concepts in Chemistry (for non-science majors)

Experimental Chemistry I (Synthesis & Structure laboratory; now replaced by Advanced Laboratory Techniques)

Experimental Chemistry II (now replaced by Physical Chemistry laboratory)

Experimental Chemistry III (Advanced Synthesis laboratory; now replaced by Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory)

Fundamentals of General Chemistry (for non-majors)

Fundamentals of General Chemistry Laboratory (for non-majors)

General Chemistry I

General Chemisty I Laboratory

General Chemistry II

General Chemistry II Laboratory

Physical Chemistry I (Thermodynamics & Chemical Kinetics)

Physical Chemistry II (Quantum Mechanics & Statistical Mechanics)

Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Polymer Science

Polymer Science Laboratory

Seminar in Chemistry (chemical literacy, communication skills, chemistry software, etc.)