Text Box: Papers Presented (Last 10 Years)
“Treading Lightly: An Approach to the Exploration and Documentation of Florida Cave Sites” G. Harding and R Gougeon. Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC), Greenville, South Carolina. November 2014

“Considering Contexts and Significance for Submerged Terrestrial Resources” Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA), Québec City, Québec, Canada. January 2014 (Invited)

“Considering Contexts and Significance for Submerged Terrestrial Resources” SEAC, Tampa, Florida. November 2013

“Bridging the Artifact and the Social” SEAC, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. November 2012

“‘A Tremendous Overlap’: Sorting Check-Stamped Ceramics in the Western Florida Panhandle” R. Gougeon and J. Melcher. Florida Anthropological Society (FAS), Tallahassee, Florida. May 2012

“The King Site as a Model of an Architectural Grammar of the Late Mississippian Period in Northwest Georgia” SEAC, Lexington, Kentucky. October 2010

“Archaeologist, Mentor, Friend: David J. Hally, An Introduction to the Symposium” R. Gougeon, A. King, and M. Meyers. SEAC, Lexington, Kentucky. October 2010

“Cultural Resource Issues Are Environmental Issues” R. Gougeon and K. Nolte. National Defense Industry Association (NDIA), Denver, Colorado. May 2009

“Testing an Architectural Grammar” SEAC, Charlotte, North Carolina. November 2008

“Towards an Architectural Grammar” SEAC, Little Rock, Arkansas. November 2006

“Summary of Archaeological Investigations at Fort Benning Military Reservation” Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA) Fall Meeting. October 2006 (Invited)

“The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Nineteenth-Century North Carolina Grist Mill” SEAC, Columbia, South Carolina. November 2005

Other Presentations (Last 5 Years)
“An Archaeologist’s Tour of Morocco” Presentation for Florida Archaeology Month, Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN-NW Florida Region). March 2015

“UWF Campus Field School Summer 2014 Review/2015 Preview” Presentation to Pensacola Archaeological Society (PAS). March 2015

“Archaeology In 3 Minutes: 3D Laser Scanning” Online video presentation for Florida Archaeology Month, produced by M. Thomin, FPAN (NW Florida Region). February 2014

“Historic Preservation” E. Benchley and R. Gougeon, guest lecture, Pensacola Area Cemetery Taskforce (PACT). February 2014

“Careers in Archaeology” Guest lecture for R. Philen’s “Contemporary Cultural Anthropological Theory” course, University of West Florida (UWF). February 2014

“Educating Decision Makers About Resource Issues and Regulations: An Example from the RESTORE Act Process” Guest lecture for C. Hobbs’s “Environmental Studies Undergraduate Senior Seminar,” UWF. February 2014 (Invited)

“Academia, Consultancy, and Government: Capacity Building and Submerged, Pre-Contact Archaeology” Panelist, SHA, Québec City, Québec, Canada. January 2014 (Invited)

“Glasses Optional: Demonstrating the New Wave of 3D Archaeology” FPAN (NW FL Region) Archaeology Café Speaker Series, Pensacola, Florida. September 2013

“Sustainability, Economy, and History” Invited speaker, Escambia County RESTORE Act Advisory Committee, Pensacola, Florida. August 19, 2013 (http://escambiacountyfl.swagit.com/play/08192013-681/#10) (Invited)

“Academic and Public Sector Issues in Florida Anthropology: Teaching, Working, and Serving” Panelist. 65th Annual Meeting of the Florida Anthropology Society (FAS), St. Augustine, Florida. May 2013 (Invited)

“Onion Tacos and Other Cross-Cultural Food Encounters in the Protohistoric Southeast” Lecture for PAS, January 2013

“Résumé/CV Workshop” Mentor for Society for American Archaeology 77th Annual Meeting workshop, Memphis, Tennessee. April 2012 (Invited)

“Archaeology of the Taco: Tortilla-Wrapped History of Foodways, Domestication, and Globalization” FPAN (NW FL Region) Archaeology Café Speaker Series, Pensacola, Florida. April 2012

“UWF Campus Field School Summer 2012 Preview” Presentation to PAS. March 2012

“Anthropology and Archaeology as Careers” Career-guest speaker (2) at Gulf Shores High School. December 2011

“Prehistoric and Historic Indians of the Southeast” Presentation to Alger-Sullivan Historical Society, Century, Florida. October 2011

“Native American Cultures of the Southeast and Pensacola” Lecture for Fort Pickens Area, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida. July 2011

“UWF Campus Field School Summer 2011 Preview” Presentation to PAS. May 2011

“Archaeology: Career or Hobby?” Coffee and Conversation Series, University of West Florida. January 2011

“Prehistoric Native Americans of the Southeast” Lecture for PAS. January 2011

“Prehistoric and Early Historic Native Americans of the Southeast” Lecture for Naval Live Oaks Reservation, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Gulf Breeze, Florida. November 2010

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