Text Box: I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (BA Anthropology, 1994) and interned at the Schiele Museum as part of a Museum Studies minor. I began my professional archaeological career while still a student, taking my first “shovelbum” position in 1993. My graduate studies at the University of Georgia (PhD Anthropology, 2002) were overseen by Dr. David Hally and focused on household level investigations of activity areas. I have subsequently used this research as a spring-board for exploring power and authority in middle-range societies in the Southeast, as well as in describing architectural pattern languages in prehistory.

Over the years I have worked in both academic and compliance archaeology settings. I was an adjunct instructor at the University of Georgia, Kennesaw State University, and Brenau University. While completing my dissertation, I worked in cultural resource management (CRM) with Brockington and Associates in Atlanta, performing survey, testing, and mitigation projects in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. Following graduation, I was a visiting assistant professor at Western Carolina University (2002-2003). I returned to CRM and moved up the ranks from my earlier shovelbum roles, eventually becoming a principal investigator. As a Senior Archaeologist with Panamerican Consultants, Inc., I conducted CRM projects around the Southeast US, including Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. From 2007-2010, I oversaw management of Florida operations for the company, with primary responsibilities including contract negotiations, office management, client relations, marketing, budget and bid preparation, and project management. I currently serve on the Board of the Florida Archaeological Council, a group advocating for the profession of archaeology and the protection of our cultural resources. I also serve on the Board of the Pensacola Archaeological Society and am a longtime member of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference.  I am a Registered Professional Archaeologist.

I joined the UWF faculty in Fall 2010. I am available for service on graduate thesis committees of practically any stripe. Although trained primarily in the area of prehistoric archaeology, my broad range of experiences in CRM exposed me to the entire prehistoric and historic sequence of the Southeast. My broad anthropological training can bring a different perspective to cultural and physical anthropology theses as well. Additionally, I am looking for students with interests in socio-political complexity, household anthropology, vernacular architecture, ceramic studies, ethnoarchaeology, historic preservation, prehistory of the Pensacola region, and 20th century fishing camps. If you are interested in working with me or applying to the campus field school this summer, please get in touch! (rgougeon@uwf.edu 850.474.2831)

Ramie A. Gougeon, Ph.D., RPA

Assistant Professor

Department of Anthropology

University of West Florida