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John Worth Anthropology Geology/geomorphology of the Escambia River valley, compositional analysis of Spanish and Native American artifacts, stu ... Training/tutoring in colonial Spanish paleography. ... 2010-02-01
Kristina Killgrove Anthropology stable isotope analysis (light and heavy isotopes - C/N/O/Sr/Pb), GIS ... osteology, human anatomy, 3D printing, crowdfunding, Roman history, Roman archaeology, bioarchaeology ... 2013-05-17
Ramie Gougeon Anthropology grant proposals fieldwork abroad technology training technology expertise ... presentations editing 2014-10-01
Valerie George Art 2010-08-18
Thomas Asmuth Art, Digital & New Media material science, CNC fabrication, conductive fabrics and coatings, electrical engineering ... wireless communications and networking, post-optimal design, web design, physical computing/robotics (small electronics) ... 2010-02-07
Jane Caffrey Biology 2013-05-17
Peter Cavnar Biology Biology, immunology, cell biology, cytoskeleton, signaling, disease ... 2014-03-21
Jeff Eble Biology Currently seeking mentors with experience in conservation biology, biogeochemistry, or geomorphology to collaborate on a ... Population genetics, quantitative field sampling (including SCUBA based) ... 2014-03-26
Karen Molek Chemistry faculty interested in discipline specific learning communities ... building instrumentation, high vacuum manifolds, high voltage power supplies, materials characterization techniques, nan ... 2014-03-18
Pamela Vaughan Chemistry Need help developing appropriate assessment materials for research grants involving undergraduate students working in th ... Assistance with developing analytical testing protocols for a variety of instrumentation ... 2010-03-30
Tanay Kesharwani Chemistry 1. Testing new organic compounds for the biological activity 2. Designing new organic materials with potential applica ... Chemical synthesis of organic molecules and polymers. ... 2015-02-26
Kristina Behan Clinical Laboratory Sciences Execution and interpretation of medical laboratory tests. Blood collection from humans. ... 2010-01-15
Disraelly Cruz Communication Arts Qualitative Research Methods, work-life balance, volunteering, identity, & nonprofit research. ... 2014-03-27
Dallas Snider Computer Science Network simulations Data mining, Database administration, Software development ... 2014-03-28
EZHIL KALAIMANNAN Computer Science wireless security, data mining, graph theory, cryptography, secure cloud computing. ... cyber security, digital forensics, computer networking, algorithmic theory, operations research, user privacy and identi ... 2015-02-26
Eman El-Sheikh Computer Science Multidisciplinary STEM grant collaboration opportunities ... Intelligent systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in other domains, adaptive/interactive learning environme ... 2010-01-13
Norman Wilde Computer Science Information about industrial Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) systems that can be used as examples for teaching and ... Software Engineering, Software Maintenance ... 2010-02-01
Bilal Gonen Computer Science Computer Networks, Semantic Web, Complex Networks, Bioinformatics ... Computer Networks, Semantic Web, Complex Networks, Bioinformatics, C/C++, Java Programming, Databases. ... 2013-01-11
Judy Bennington-Dykes English 2010-02-11
Matthew Schwartz Environmental Studies looking for collaborators to expand STEM education projects via external funding (e.g., NSF) ... 2010-01-26
Jordan Walters Exercise Science and Community Health To Dr. Youngil Lee with his Parkinson's disease research. ... 2016-01-07
Eric Greska Exercise Science and Community Health Neurologic disease rehabilitation, Systems interface for immersion during rehabilitation and performance improvement ... Human Movement (Neuromechanics), Human motor control/learning, Exercise physiology ... 2015-02-24
William Lees Florida Public Archaeology Network Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Heritage Tourism, Historical Preservation ... 2010-03-31
Bill Tankersley Government 2010-05-17
Michelle Hale Williams Government quantitative research techniques -especially causal analysis moving beyond simple linear regression models, factor analy ... European politics, radical right-wing parties, xenophobia and racism, political parties and institutions, qualitative an ... 2010-03-23
Jocelyn Evans Government social meaning of architecture, radical right interest mobilization,women and partisanship, methods of inquiry at the Am ... women and politics, organizational culture, Congress and legislative behavior, political parties, electoral politics ... 2010-01-14
Jacob Shively Government national security, foreign policy, political philosophy (international ethics, international law), comparative and case ... 2014-03-26
Marie Thérèse Champagne History Medieval Latin translation, assessment and evaluation of medieval manuscripts , paleography, early Cistercian monastic c ... medieval history, papal history, ancient Roman history, medieval biblical exegesis ... 2010-02-23
Alexis Janosik Marine Biology 2015-02-26
Jaromy Kuhl Mathematics & Statistics Graph theory and combinatorics - bipartite graphs, completing and avoiding latin squares, competition graphs and competi ... Any topic in graph theory, combinatorics or number theory. ... 2010-03-19
Raid Amin Mathematics & Statistics Understanding Statistical Analyses, Design of Experiment, Using the Statistical Analysis System (SAS), Epidemiological ... 2010-02-23
John Pecore NA Informal learning, Discovery Research K12 projects, Secondary Education projects ... STEM Education 2014-03-27
Justice Mbizo NA Discussing collaborative ideas with implications for population health, health disparities and ... Data analysis, large survey data. A Analysis using stata ... 2015-02-27
Sara Evans NA 2014-10-10
Brandy Strahan Nursing adolescent obesity, interventions in reducing weight gain in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders, informatics and ... meta-analysis, physical activity interventions aimed at reducing weight or body mass index. ... 2015-02-12
Linda Tibbits Nursing RN-BSN program student success 2014-03-26
Angela Blackburn Nursing Writing qualitative research grant proposals. Narrative Research, Use of art in Qualitative Research ... Qualitative Research (Narrative studies), Healthcare Ethics, Maternal/Child Nursing with emphasis on Neonatal Intensive ... 2010-12-16
Diane Gardner Nursing clinical simulation 2010-02-23
Crystal Bennett Nursing Gerontological research, physical activity, health promotion ... 2010-03-22
Patricia Posey-Goodwin Nursing Mentoring, Teaching Multigenerational Students ... 2010-02-01
Wayne Wooten Physics astronomy, astrophotography, satellite tracking, space exploration and research, exoplanets ... 2010-02-01
Aaron Wade Physics 2011-10-22
Christopher Varney Physics Computational physics. 2014-03-18
Chandra Prayaga Physics Liquid crystals in Biology, Liquid Crystals synthesis, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Education ... Precision capacitance, resistivity and dielectric measurements, precision temperature control (0.001 degree) and measure ... 2010-09-13
Lisa VanWormer Psychology Memory, Attention, Cognitive Aging ... 2014-03-18
Darren Bernal Psychology I would like to examine the role of subjective social status in psychological and physical well-being. Thus, I am lookin ... Areas of experience: subjective social status, SES, Social class, psychological well-being, mindfulness, immigrants, and ... 2014-10-10
Vanessa Rainey Psychology MATLAB, coding, statistics Research design, testing 2014-10-11
Claudia Stanny School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences Memory and cognition in applied areas (student study skills, eyewitness memory, autobiographical memory) Academic int ... Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Development of methods for data collection and assessment of the effectiveness ... 2010-01-14
Greg Lanier Theatre Honors Pedagogy Shakespeare Studies, Dramatic Theory, Honors pedagogy ... 2010-09-13

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