Looking to streamline your funding search? GrantForward provides personalized recommendations, adaptive search features, and up-to-date results for all disciplines. With GrantForward’s search filters, users can easily find thousands of grant opportunities.

Through UWF’s subscription, GrantForward offers access to a number of features, including

•   Innovative search algorithm
•   Networking and collaborative opportunities via research profiles
•   Personalized grant recommendations

Users may create research profiles to tailor search experiences and recommendations to their fields of interest and research goals. Users can also save their searches and receive email alerts when grants for these searches become available. 

UWF’s subscription is currently active and will replace Pivot by April 2018. To access the database, click on the link in the logo above and sign up for a user account using your UWF email address. You can create your account by clicking “Sign Up” and filling out the information required under “Institutional Account.”

Questions and feedback are welcome at! Be on the lookout for our upcoming FAQ section.