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Via Alpina                                                       (3,000 miles of trails through 8 countries)

AppalachianTrailConference website               (2,180 miles of trail through 14 US states)





1976 GA

Starting the AT



2003 PA

Peter's Mountain Shelter

Rocky trail 1

Rocky trail 2

Old country road

Checking into typical PA shelter

May Apple Trail (MayApple Info)

Wooded mountaintop


2003 NJ

NJ Mountaintop marsh


2007-8 NY

Deer crossing

Old Stone Shelter

Old Raised Road

Finishing up the state


2008  CT

Into Connecticut

Ten Mile LT (typical CT lean-to)

Top of Schaghticoke Mountain

Beside the Housatonic

Log stream crossing

Through the crack

Hemlock grove camp

Morning coffee

Beaver lodge


2010 ME

Old Man Sunset