A number of research projects are available for students interested in earning a Masters Degree

in the Ryals Lab.  If you have considered pursuing a graduate degree in Biology with an emphasis

in cell biology/biochemistry I invite you to drop by (Rm. 71 Bldg. 58) or email (pryals@uwf.edu) to

chat with me about the opportunities.


Research in the lab centers around the following general areas:

1.    The biological and biochemical significance of inositol isomers and phosphatidylinositols (particularly

        scyllo-inositol and phosphatidyl-scyllo-inositol).

2.    The molecular basis of "differentiation" in polymorphic Tetrahymena.


Major Equipment Housed in the Lab Includes:

Refrigerated Superspeed Centrifuge


Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph w/ Agilent Integrator

High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph w/ Agilent Integrator and UV/Vis Detector

Vertical and Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems w/ 2 Multi-Outlet Power Supplies

Analytical and Top Loading Balances

Growth Chamber

Sonicator w/ Microprobe

Phase Contrast Microscope w/ Digital Imaging Capability

UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Rotory Evaporator, pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Barnstead Nano-Pure Water Purification System, High Temperature Sand Bath,

Water Bath, Cryo-Cool Chiller, and Specialty Glassware for Lipid Extraction, Storage, and Analysis.