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Last Reviewed/Updated: 9/17/2013

There are two methods of searching for Vendors:

  • “Banner Vendor Search/List” tool located at the "Go Shopping" Page in "My UWF" ( "Employee Resources" Folder).
  • Banner Production (FTIIDEN)

When using Banner Production (FTIIDEN) you will:

  • NOT be able to see addresses;
  • be able to see both active and terminated vendors; and,
  • have to be careful you are not selecting a terminated vendor.

When using the “Banner Vendor Search/List” tool, you will:

  • NOT see any terminated vendors;
  • NOT see active students;
  • NOT see a active employees; and
  • see all active addresses for all active vendors.


To verify the vendor is in Banner:

  • Type FTIIDEN in the Go To field
  • Press ENTER on the keyboard
Vendor Srch

To search by the vendor's name:

  • Click on the "Vendor" checkbox to uncheck it.
  • Click on the All checkbox to see individual and vendor names.
  • Click Next Block.

Vendor Srch


Vendor Srch

  • Tab to Last Name field.
  • Type Vendor name using % sign before and after name (i.e. %Breeze% for Breeze Promotions). VENDOR SEARCH IS CASE SENSITIVE.
  • Click Execute Query (or press F8 on the keyboard).
Vndr Srch
  • If you find the vendor on the first query, write down the "Banner ID Number".
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: IF you find the vendor you are searching for in Banner, be sure to check the "V" column. If there is a letter "T" in the "V" column for your particular vendor, do NOT choose that vendor.
Vndr Srch

NOTE: If user is searching for a vendor for PCard approval, and the vendor has been terminated, user will have to enter the vendor on the internal PCard Vendor Registration page. If user is searching for a vendor for Requisition, Direct Pay, etc., user will have to contact that terminated vendor and instruct them to go to Procurement's external web site (Vendor Registration Page) and perform an update.

  • If you do NOT find the vendor you are searching for, it will be indicated in the message area at the bottom left of the screen. The message that will appear is "FRM-40301: Query caused no record to be retrieved. Reenter."
  • Click Rollback and repeat steps above with new search criteria. Search at least three times with variations of the vendor's name.

To search by "TIN" (Tax Identification Number) or "SSN" (Social Security Number):

  • Tab to ID Number field
  • Type the vendor's TIN/SSN without % signs in the ID Number field.
  • Click Execute Query, or press F8 key on the keyboard.


Vndr Srch

Vndr Srch

Vndr Srch

  • Click Exit to return to the Main Menu.
Vndr Srch
You can also search for a vendor by using the "Banner Vendor Search/List" tool on the "Go Shopping" Page in "My UWF" ("Employee Resources" Folder). Please note, when using this tool you will not see any employee or student vendors. To see employee or student vendors, you have to search using Method 1 above.
  • Log into "My UWF"
  • Click on "Employee Resources" Folder
  • Scroll down and click on "Go Shopping (Procurement)"
  • In the upper right hand corner of the page, click on "Banner Vendor Search/List".

You can search by either

  • "Vendor ID" (FEI, TIN or SSN) or
  • "Vendor Name"

When you search using this tool you will

  • see all active addresses that were keyed for a particular vendor;
  • NOT see terminated vendors;
  • NOT see inactive addresses.

When you search using Method 1 - Banner Production (FTIIDEN) above, you do NOT see addresses.

Vndr Srch

Vndr Srch


If after an exhautive search, you do not find the vendor in Banner:

  • New vendors must be added to Banner BEFORE a Requisition can be keyed into Banner OR a PCard charge can be approved.
  • Terminated vendors must be instructed to enter an update, before they can have the termination date removed and become active again BEFORE a Requisition can be keyed into Banner.
  • PO Vendors: Refer the vendor to Procurement's External Vendor Registration Web Page. All PO Vendors must register or update themselves at the Vendor On-Line Registration page prior to the submittal of the Banner Requisition.
  • PCard Vendors: Internal departments enter the vendor at the internal PCard Vendor Registration Page.
    • Do NOT enter the PCard vendor until the auto-email indicating the charge has posted and you have 14 days within which to approve the charge has been received.
    • The PCard Vendor's Tax ID number is NOT required for entry.


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