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  • After some searching, the following Officers' duties and responsibilities have been adapted by the University of West Florida Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma.
    1. President

      1. Final authority over all projects, unless previous agreements give authority to someone else
      2. Act in Phi Eta Sigma's best interests if there is no time for a meeting of officers before the decision has to be made. However, upon deciding must inform the advisor and current officers in a timely manner.
      3. Prepare a tentative chapter budget for the current year, so that the treasurer can keep track of what money is left in the bank.
      4. Final decision authority on all times, dates, and places of meetings

    2. Vice President

      1. Final authority concerning public relations
      2. Take over duties of the president as needed or required
      3. Plan events for presidential consideration
      4. Provide the President with any and all requested information concerning current projects of Phi Eta Sigma (if the president has not been previously informed)

    3. Secretary

      1. Type and handle all aspects of communications to members who are not currently officers
      2. Handle some of the day-to-day responsibilities for public relations purposes
      3. Refer public relations concerns to the Vice President as needed.
      4. Take minutes for all officer and general club meetings so that they may be presented to the membership via the web site.
      5. Check mailbox in the commons every week--during holidays (classes suspended) at their convenience

    4. Treasurer

      1. Keep a balanced chapter checkbook
      2. Handle the monetary aspects of all projects
      3. Inform all officers of funds status at all executive meetings or, in the event that funds are dangerously low, via e-mail.

    5. Historian

      1. Keep the chapter scrapbook
      2. Take minutes when the Secretary is away.

    6. Technical Advisor

      1. Answer chapter e-mail
      2. Update membership listing on Nautical
      3. Update the web site at http://uwf.edu/phietasigma/

    7. Chapter Senior Advisor

      1. Participate in the annual induction ceremony
      2. Participate in Officers' meetings
      3. Provide advice and relate past experience

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