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  • Name: Michael D. Viron
    Current Position: Chapter Senior Advisor / Technical Advisor
    Other Positions Held: President (1996-97), Chapter Senior Advisor (1997-98)
    Other Organizations:
    • Web Spinners
    • Homecoming Committee (Ex-Officio)
    • Freshman / Sophomore Advisory Council
    • Student Government (Supervisor of Elections & Elections Commission Member)
    • Nautical Student Services Advisory Committee (Ex-Officio)
    • Campus Activity Board
    • International Webmasters Association
    • HTML Writers Guild
    Hobbies: Developing internet sites, reading, writing, learning unix, hanging out with friends, playing basketball & football with my brothers.
    Quotable Quote: "You can't get anywhere on a project if you are afraid to even start."

    "Don't let anyone hold you back. If you have an idea, express it!"

    When and why did you help start Web Spinners?
    Keith Hansen and I originally started Web Spinners as the Web Server Development Organization in 1996. By April 1997, we completed the process of becoming an official student organization at the University of West Florida. Finally, in December 1997, we joined University Commons & Student Activities as an independent division within the UCSA department, and officially changed our name to Web Spinners. (Web Server Development Organization is primarily used for internal memos and e-mails.)

    As for why Keith and I started Web Spinners, we decided that students did not have the chance to gain valuable experience in the field before graduation. Internet design is one of the most competitive job markets, so having the experience and the ability to learn from early mistakes greatly enhances a resume. At the same time, we decided that there was a need to provide expertise to the various student organizations on campus.

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