Register for Courses

The University of West Florida offers online registration and schedule changes. New and readmitted students will register for courses through MyUWF with a limited number of apps. Currently enrolled students register in MyUWF. Online registration is available 24 hours a day.

The following steps will guide you through the course registration process.

In addition to an Advising PIN, all students are also assigned a Time Ticket which specifies when the student is allowed to register. For additional information on Advising PINs and Time Tickets, please see the Previous/Next Steps section at the bottom of this page.


  • Search for, and then select the Registration Menu app in MyUWF
  • Select the Add or Drop Classes link

  • Select the Semester Year and the Term for which you are trying to register -> Submit

  • Enter the Alternate PIN assigned to you by your advisor (degree-seeking students ONLY). Click Submit
    • For information on Advising Pins, please see Viewing PINs in MyUWF
    • Please enter your PIN to access registration -> Submit

  • If you already know the 5 digit CRN for the courses you plan to register for, you can enter each CRN directly into the boxes at the bottom of the page under the Add Classes Worksheet
  • Click the Submit Changes button once you have entered the CRN's
  • To search for courses, click the Class Searchbutton
    • The default search option is by subject only
    • Select a subject, and then click Course Search

    • Use the selection options to search the class schedule. You may choose any combination of fields to narrow your search, but you must select at least one Subject. Select Class Search when your selection is complete
  • Click the View Sections button to see all sections of the course being
  • Specific section information should appear
  • Courses with a check box next to them have seats available for registration 
  • The following codes may also appear in the "Select" column:
    • C = Closed Class (The class is closed)
    • NR = Not Allowed for Registration (Registration has not opened yet for this course
    • SR = Student Restriction (Your registration Time Ticket is not open, you have Holds, you are an Inactive Student, you are Suspended)
  • The course CRN, subject, course number, credit hours, title, meeting days & times, total number of seats, number of students currently enrolled, seats remaining, instructor(s), dates the course will run through, and location (building, room, online) can be found on this page.
    • To add a course to your worksheet without registering for the course, select the check box next to the section you wish to add, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Add to Worksheet"

  • Once the course is added to your worksheet, you will be redirected to the page that displays which courses you are currently registered for (Current Schedule page). The CRN of the course should now appear in the boxes at the bottom of the page. To register for the course, select the "Submit Changes" button
  • Add or Drop Classes
    • To add a class, enter the Course Reference Number in the Add Classes section
    • To drop a class, use the options available in the Action pull-down list
    • To register for the course without adding to the worksheet, check the box, then click the Register button at the bottom of the page

  • If you are successfully registered, you will be directed back to the Current Schedule page with any courses you are registered for displaying

View Holds: Search for, and then select the Student Academic Records Menu app in MyUWF. From the Student tab, choose the View Holds link and submit. All holds currently on your record should appear. If you have no holds, the "No holds exists on your record" message should appear.

  • Advising Hold
    • To remove - contact Academic Advisor and receive advising
  • Immunization Hold
    • To remove - download the UWF Mandatory Immunization Health History Form. Read, print the Form, and complete action required.
  • Financial Responsibility Hold
    • To remove - Go to MyMessages in MyUWF and read the "Agree to Pay" message.  Check the Confirm Acknowledgement box and then click "I Agree"

Once Holds are lifted you are free to register for classes.

If not cleared to "Register" contact your Academic Advisor for assistance.


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