Register for Courses

The University of West Florida offers online registration and schedule changes. New and readmitted students will register for courses through My UWF with a limited number of apps. Currently enrolled students register in MyUWF. Online registration is available 24 hours a day, with the exception of: Mondays from 12:45 AM to 6:30 AM and Tuesdays through Fridays from 3:45 AM - 4:30 AM. The following steps will guide you through the course registration process.

Step 1 - Advising & Immunization Holds

Currently enrolled students should review their SASS audit (available in MyUWF) and discuss your academic plans with your advisor prior to registration. If any student has an "Advising Hold" requiring you to see an advisor, you need to have this hold lifted prior to registration. In order to process your course registration, you will be required to acknowledge responsibility for your course selection and verify that you have reviewed the academic policies and procedures as stated in the Catalog. You are ultimately responsible for knowing and fulfilling all university, college, and major requirements for graduation.

Florida state law and UWF Student Health Policy requires that All students comply with the 1) Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), and 2) Meningitis/Hepatitis B immunization requirements Before registering for academic courses. An "Immunization Hold" is automatically placed on new student records which prohibit course registration until proof of immunization or immunization waiver forms (below) are received and processed.

Good News:

  • The new UWF Student Health Policy now allows exceptions to the proof of immunizations (I.C.1-4 and II.1) for students who are enrolled in Only online courses and will not be physically present in any UWF classroom or on any UWF campus. Additional exceptions exist for Active Duty Military, and on medical and religious basis.

New students registering for Only online courses and who will not be physically present in any UWF classroom or on any UWF campus may 1) download, 2) complete, and 3) return the "Mandatory Immunization Health History Form" below.

Once you download the form, go to the final page:

  • Enter your 1) Name; 2) Date of Birth; 3) UWF Student ID number; 4) Phone number
  • Check all three boxes under the Exceptions/Waivers Heading
  • Sign and Date the completed form
  • Email or Fax the completed form to the address or number at the bottom of the form

Once the "Mandatory Immunization Health History Form" is submitted and processed by Student Health Services, the "Immunization Hold" will be removed and new students can proceed with course registration.

Important Note: Student Health Services requests the completed form 3 weeks prior to course registration. Please do everything possible to return the completed form as soon as possible to facilitate timely course registration.

Another great resource to assist you with information regarding registration and related services is the Navigation Guide. This guide is designed to provide you step-by-step assistance and contains valuable tips. We highly recommend that you read through this guide.

The UWF Online Campus Coordinator can answer many of your general questions and will transfer you to the appropriate advisor for your level and program. Contact the Online Campus Coordinator at or call toll free 1-888-529-1823.

Step 2 - Registration Checklist

During the second month of a semester, you can log on to either:

My UWF (New and readmitted students) and follow the Registration, Drop/Add, and Trial Schedule link in the Enrollment section.

MyUWF (Currently enrolled students) and follow the Registration, Drop/Add, and Trial Schedule link in the Registration folder. Tabs appear at the top of the page for the current and upcoming semesters (if appropriate). A screen will be displayed giving you a list of links to transactions that you can perform as of that day and time. Follow the link to your Registration Checklist.

The Registration Checklist:

  • Summarizes your registration status
  • Tells you the first date you may register
  • Gives you an opportunity to verify that your address is correct and if not, gives you a link to the Address Change form
  • Alerts you to items which may prevent your registration. There will be a check by each item that is OK. Items without checks must be resolved prior to registration. You may review this screen any time prior to and during your registration to ensure you are cleared to register

Step 3 - Trial Schedule

The Trial Schedule process consists of Course Search, the Trial Schedule Worksheet, and a Course Matrix.

You may search for online courses several ways by selecting one of the links under the Course Search directory in the column on the left of this and every page of the Online Campus web site. A separate listing of all "General Education", "Undergraduate", or "Graduate" online courses is available by selecting the appropriate link. The “Search All Courses” link allows students to search for courses (including courses not fully online) in a variety of ways, including by department, by instructor, by location, by days and/or times, and even by title.

When you find a course you are interested in, be sure and check out the course description as well as look for the "Syllabus" symbol under the Tech Codes column on the left side of the page. Selecting the "Syllabus" symbol will open the Course Syllabus and provide you the opportunity to find out exactly what will go on in that online course.

The Trial Schedule is a tool available to new and readmitted students through MyUWF. It allows you to plan your schedule, then, if desired, prefill your registration form with the courses you select.

You can prefill the registration form with up to 12 sections selected from the Trial Schedule Worksheet. This worksheet DOES NOT reserve any seats in a course or register you for classes. It is a worksheet only and is there to assist you in planning and developing a schedule. You may select courses through the Course Search directory to add to your Trial Schedule Worksheet. Your worksheet will remain as you have it until you make further changes.

You can get an overview of your planned schedule using the Course Matrix. Courses on the matrix are listed "term: course#" and courses for which you are registered begin with an asterisk (*).

Step 4 - Registration

Many Online Campus courses require that you enter a Permission Code to complete the registration process. At the time you meet with your advisor prior to registration, they will give you this code. If you did not get this code from your advisor, contact the Online Campus Coordinator at or call toll free 1-888-529-1823.

NOTE: If you are eligible for the Out-of-State Tuition Fee Waiver, you need to fill out the request form as soon as you register, but no later than one week prior to the start of classes.

On the day you are eligible to register through Lighthouse or MyUWF you can either:

  • Prefill your registration form by checking courses on your worksheet and pressing the "Prefill Registration Form" button
  • Follow the Registration and Drop/Add link

Either method will take you to the registration form which looks similar to the following:

If you are registering for a course that requires special permission, contact the offering department to get a Permission Authorization Code and enter that code in the box provided. Skip over the box if course does not require special permission.


Ref #

Permission Authorization

Grade Option - You will receive a letter grade (A - F) unless you select an available option.


 Letter Grade (A - F)
 Audit (X)


 Letter Grade (A - F)
 Audit (X)

If you prefilled your registration form from your worksheet, those reference numbers will appear in the boxes in the "Ref #" column. You may also simply type in reference numbers.

If the section requires permission of the department offering the section, contact that department for a "Permission Authorization Code" and enter that four-digit code in the box in the "Permission Authorization Code" column.

If you wish to take the section under a grading option other than "Letter Grade (A-F)", select either the Pass/Fail or Audit option.  If you wish to take a course Pass/Fail, contact your academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar.

You will then press the "Submit" button to process your registration.

Step 5 - Out-of-State Tuition Waiver Eligible?

If you are admitted to one of our 28 degree or certificate programs and reside outside the state of Florida, you may be eligible for a tuition waiver that reduces the out-of-state portion of your tuition anywhere from 100% - 75%. Please review the Tuition Waiver Availability information to determine if you should submit a waiver application.

Step 6 - Finalize Registration

When you "submit" your registration for processing, the results will be displayed in a table like this. If you cannot be registered for a section (i.e., closed, cancelled, etc.), a message will appear telling you if and how the situation can be resolved.

It will also include information on required prerequisites and students should be sure that they meet the appropriate prerequisite. Questions should be directed to the department offering the course.


Ref #

Grade Option








 Letter Grade (A - F)
 Audit (X)







Prerequisite(s):  ENC1101


1233 ENC1116 Poetry
CLOSED - you may contact the department/instructor to request permission to enter a closed section.

If you cannot be registered for a section (i.e., closed, cancelled, etc.), it will tell you if and how the situation can be resolved.

You can then: 

  • Make changes
  • Print your schedule
  • Print your fee assessment
  • Review your account balance (includes fee payment deadlines)
  • Pay your fees