Abstract Submission -COMING SOON!

Abstracts for the 2019 Student Scholar Symposium and Faculty Research Showcase will begin being accepting SOON! Students should be working on their abstract in anticipation of the submission portal opening date.

The abstracts submission portal will open SOON!

  • Abstract submissions are to be completed online.

  • Incomplete submissions can be saved and visited at a later time.

  • OUR recommends having all information prepared prior to initiating the submission process.

  • Applicants will need the following information to successfully complete an abstract submission:
    1. All co-author information (name and e-mail) 
    2. Faculty mentor information, if applicable (name, department and e-mail)
    3. Abstract (250 word maximum) 




2019 Student Scholar Symposium and Faculty Research Showcase
Thursday, April 18th
UWF Common's Auditorium and Conference Center

Student Abstract Submission 


Applications Due TBA


To Submit your abstract, COMING SOON



*Please be aware that all abstract submissions must be supported by a current UWF faculty member. Any submission without valid faculty support will be denied.  

Please have prepared:

1. 250 word or less research abstract 


  • Language: Please use plain text; Scientific or other symbols may not translate
  • Proof Read: Information regarding your research and all involved parties will be seen in print exactly how you input it while filling out this form. Please pay careful attention to spellings, numbers, and order.


2. Approved support of a UWF faculty or adjunct professor


  • You should name your primary faculty mentor for this portion of the abstract submission. If you have multiple mentors please list only one here; you will have an opportunity to add additional faculty information later on in the submission form.
  • The mentor that you name in this portion of the abstract submission will be the mentor that will review your abstract for submission support approval, and will be submitting the finalized proposal on your behalf. 


3. All co-author information ( first/last name, student I.D. number, uwf e-mail, department, College)


  • If you do not have this information for any reason at this time, you and /or your mentor will have the opportunity to add the group members throughout this 4 step submission process. 


4. Research funding support information 


  • i.e. OUR Works!, OUR Project Award, OUR Travel Award, Faculty Mentor Funds, UWF Kugleman Honors, etc.. Please select all funding sources that are applicable to your research. 

Please note that if you are participating in a special faculty-led session, you may not be required to submit information to certain parts of this form. Please pay close attention.

Once your submission is complete it will be routed to your mentor. Faculty may accept the abstract "as is" or reject it. The "reject" button at the BOTTOM of the screen will allow you to either request revisions from the student before submission or to reject the submission outright. Please provide feedback and instructions to the student or indicate that the submission should not proceed in the space that opens up. These comments will be automatically routed to the student. If revisions are required, you will have the opportunity to review and approve the abstract again before submission.

Faculty mentors must approve the abstract before it is submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Research . Following faculty approval, students will receive a confirmation email. 


Do not forget to register for the symposium!

*All authors and coauthors who plan to attend the symposium must register. Primary Authors are registered to attend the symposium via submission of this submission form. But individual registrations should be completed for additional coauthors or faculty mentors attending the event. OUR will send out a separate registration link to faculty and co-authors at the end of February.