At the heart of the college experience is student life. ArgoPulse is an online database system that allows you to track and verify your involvement with student organizations, and connect with those around you who have similar interests!

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Who uses ArgoPulse?

Student leaders, faculty, staff, campus administrators, alumni and YOU!

ArgoPulse Provides You Selections:

Select from a wide range of interests when setting up your ArgoPulse profile for the first time. You can then add, delete or prioritize your interests at any time through the My Involvement tab.

ArgoPulse Offers You Suggestions:

ArgoPulse suggests events and organizations that may be of interest to you based on your profile. The result? Everyone who logs in to ArgoPulse has a unique customized experience aligning with individual interests.

ArgoPulse is Always Expanding:

The best thing about ArgoPulse is that the list of interests is always growing! If you have an interest that is not yet listed, you can simply send an email to

ArgoPulse Verifies Your Activities:

The system verifies your activities and provides you with a student involvement report. This report is beneficial to have on hand for community service hour tracking purposes, when applying for internships or jobs, or even simply to preserve and catalog your unique college experience!

ArgoPulse Lets You Communicate:

Whether promoting an event or assigning duties to members of your organization, ArgoPulse lets you communicate your message loud and clear. You can also readily search for individuals or groups with similar interests. This feature can be useful when seeking mentorships or other collaborative opportunities.