Appeals Process

Organizations that believe that an administrative error was made in the registration update and renewal process may submit an appeal with the Student Involvement Office.

If You Think an Administrative Error Was Made

Please complete and submit the Appeal Form by Friday, Sept. 28, 2018.

Appeal Form


Important dates

  • Sep
    11:59 p.m. / ArgoPulse
    Deadline to Appeal
    Student organizations that wish to appeal their disabled status must submit the Disabled Student Organization Appeal Form via ArgoPulse by this deadline.
  • Organizations may appeal on the basis of the following condition:
    • There are procedural grounds for reversing the decision (i.e. process errors, demonstrated prejudice against any party by the person overseeing Registered Student Organizations, a sanction that is extraordinarily disproportionate to the violation committed, discovery of new and significant evidence that would have affected the outcome of the decision, etc.).
  • Organizations that are disabled in the Fall 2018 semester must submit an appeal by Friday, Sept. 28, 2018.
  • If a student organization wishes to appeal their unregistered status, they must fill out the Appeal Form and write an explanation detailing the error they believe was made. The explanation may be uploaded or typed via this form. As availability allows, your organization may be asked to schedule a meeting with the Student Involvement staff.
  • All appeal decisions are final. There is no other appeal provided. The decision may be to:
    • Uphold the previous decision.
    • Overturn the previous decision.
  • Organizations will typically be notified of the appeal decision within five (5) days of the appeal form deadline. However, the Student Involvement Office reserves the right to spend the necessary amount of time to determine any administrative errors that impact the registration and renewal process for the organization.