Terms and Conditions (Warranties)

In completing the student organization registration process, the leadership of said Registered Student Organization warrants:

  1. The organization's purpose and activities are lawful and consistent with University objectives, for example:
    • May not advocate or participate in illegal activities (advocating change in law through legal means is not to be restricted).
    • Should contribute to the educational, cultural, social, spiritual, and/or recreational missions of the University.
    • May not advocate intolerance or participate in acts of intolerance toward people of difference.
    • Must recognize the primacy of the University's academic mission.
  2. Membership is open to all regardless of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender (including gender identity) or handicap and that it does not illegally discriminate in membership on the basis of sex.  Specifically, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), student organizations are obligated to ensure that their meetings, programs, services or other activates are accessible to individuals with disabilities and that reasonable accommodations are made as necessary.
  3. Per University Policy SA-10.04-09/14, students must meet the following minimum requirements to be eligible to seek and retain office in any student organization (including recreational sport clubs):
    • Be enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours per semester,
    • Have and maintain a cumulative UWF grade point average of at least 2.5, and
    • Not be on academic or disciplinary probation.
    • Students failing to maintain these minimum standards will forfeit their positions.  Students engaged in an appeal process (e.g., a grade or conduct appeal) may retain their positions pending outcome of the appeal process.
    • Student organizations may establish additional requirements subject to review and approval by Student Involvement or Recreation and Sports Services (for sport clubs only).
  4. The organization will comply with the University's policy prohibiting hazing.
  5. The affairs of the organization will be conducted in accordance with its constitution and University regulations, for example:
    • Officer selection criteria and process must be non-discriminatory except as regards academic and performance based criteria.
    • The University reserves the right to enforce academic standards established by the organization's constitution or bylaws.
    • The organization must adhere to appropriate University event registration requirements.
  6. The financial affairs of the organization will be conducted in accordance with sound business procedures and appropriate University requirements, for example:
    • Bills and other obligations must be paid in a timely fashion.
    • All fundraising activities must be legal and registered with the University.
    • No organization may contract in the name of the University without express approval of the Director of University Commons & Student Involvement.
  7. The organization must recruit and actively work with a UWF faculty/staff advisor
  8. It is understood and agreed that the University, the State of Florida, and the employees and agents of either will not be liable for any of the organization's contracts, torts, or other acts or omissions by the organizations' officers, members, staff, or activity participants.  It is further understood and agreed that the organization or its officers, members, staff or activity participants are protected by the University's or the state's insurance policies or self-insurance plans and that the University and the State will not provide any legal defense for the organization or any such person in the vent of any claims against them.  This disclaimer does not lesson protection provided to faculty advisors as stipulated by Florida law [F.S. 768.28(9)(a)].
  9. It is further understood and agreed that the organization is fully responsible for complying with any and all applicable state and federal laws regarding tax identification, income reporting, tax exemption and charitable organizations.
  10. DISSOLUTION CLAUSE:  It is understood and agreed that in the event an organization is declared officially inactive, after six (6) months any funds remaining in the organization's bank account(s) may be retrieved and placed in the Student Government Loan and Grant Account.  In registering as a student organization, the organization authorizes the Director of University Commons & Student Involvement to close out the organization's bank account(s).  Records of all such actions will be retained in the organization's permanent file in the University Commons & Student Involvement office.